Pokemon Legends: Arceus is getting its own animated series


Images via The Pokemon Company

Many people owe their Pokemon fandom to its tie-in anime, which has become a cultural phenomenon on its own. Once it debuted after the games launched, anime brought not just Pokémon themselves, but the art form of cartooning into homes around the world.

Back then, Pokemon anime and The Adventures of Ash became a big part of Saturday mornings everywhere. The anime franchise has continued to grow ever since, adopting new subtitles, companions, and regions along the way. Now a new short series is coming that will commemorate the most recent game in the franchise.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is getting three anime specials

The Pokemon Company revealed that Pokemon Legends: Arceus gets its own short anime series. The show is called hisian snowand it follows young Alex who befriends a Hisuian Zorua, as the era sees Pokemon as little more than wild animals.

So basically it looks like hisian snow will be Pokemon meets How to train your dragon. The series will only last three episodes, but at least that indicates that it’s not a show that’s going to overstay its reception.

hisian snow is in the works by Wit Studio, which you might recognize as the animation team that created the first three seasons of The attack of the Titans. For those who think we don’t have enough of Hisui – and are bored waiting for a mythical Arceus DLC – it’s a great way to pass the time.

How do you watch Pokemon Legends: Arceus Anime?

According to the press release revealed by The Pokemon Company, the first episode of hisian snow will arrive on May 18. It will air on Pokemon TV and the official Pokemon Youtube channel. Even though it seems like a fairly low-key outing, there’s no doubt that the series is headed for a cult classic treatment from fans.

The show could still be an absolute favorite among fans, and we can’t wait to see it. Any Pokemon anime is a good thing, and we’re ready to obsess over again. Maybe now we’ll fill in some of the gaps in the story about how Feudal Sinnoh evolved into the modern version of diamond and pearl.

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