Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness animated series hits Netflix on July 8


Netflix and Capcom have announced the release date for their upcoming anime series based on the resident Evil titled universe Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness as landing on the streaming service on July 8.

If you need a quick reminder, the series is set after Resident Evil 4 and will see Leon and Claire reunite (voiced by the same team that played them in 2019’s excellent Resident Evil 2 remake) after Leon is called in by the President to investigate a mysterious White House hack. Naturally, things take a decidedly Resident Evil turn and soon our heroes are battling global conspiracies as well as biological monsters as they try to stop the latest set of nefarious machinations from coming to fruition.

A new trailer, which we have of course included below, also introduces us to a few new characters for this series, including Shen May, a federal agent who travels with Leon to investigate the hack, and a former soldier turned- The bodyguard character whose name has yet to be released, but certainly from the trailer images and key art adorning the top of this article, it looks like someone whose loyalties can be questioned throughout.

The Netflix animated series was first announced in September and will be one of several Resi projects from the streaming service that will also include a live-action series. Meanwhile, in the gaming world, Capcom is celebrating the recent release of Resident Evil: Village, and you can find our verdict on that right here. Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness hits Netflix on July 8.

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