Resident Evil: The Infinite Darkness animated series is coming to Netflix


It looks like Netflix just released a flood of details about their upcoming Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Animated / animated CG series. To start, let’s take a look at their brand new main trailer, shall we?

Damn, that CGI looks realistic. Almost like live action, really.

As you can see, this trailer Netflix released as part of this unveiling of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is pretty good. The story that the trailer teases really felt like something straight out of the games. An anonymous special forces soldier told the story of his wartime experiences to Leon Kennedy. You know, but with mixed zombies. Then we see a terrorist attack on the White House involving, guess what, zombies! Then we have a scene aboard a submarine where Leon sees a bunch of dead submariners, only to have zombie rats come straight out at him. Finally, we see this massive bio-weapon Tyrant say something about showing them fear before doing his best impression of a Marvel supervillain.

Interested? Good, netflix also announces the release date of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. Apparently, we’ll see what Zombies in Infinite Darkness looks like on July 8, 2021. Grab it then if you want to see a zombie action horror anime like something straight out of games.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Bonus

A giant zombie hand, perhaps?

Along with the trailer and release date, Netflix is ​​also releasing cast details for Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. We not only have voice actors and actresses, but also character portraits and details to boot. The list is as follows:

Leon S. Kennedy (CV: Nick Apostolides)

Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.
Leon in a suit? Pleasant.

Leon is a former Raccoon Police Department officer who was involved in a zombie outbreak on his first day on the job and worked bravely to save the survivors. Following this, he was scouted by government intelligence agents and carried out top secret missions as an agent under the direct command of the US President. Leon has excellent survival skills, as well as top-notch physical and decision-making abilities. He succeeds in his mission to rescue Ashley, the President’s kidnapped daughter, and earns the President’s ultimate trust.

Claire Redfield (CV: Stephanie Panisello)

Claire Redfield from Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.
The red is used to mask the inevitable blood spatter.

Claire is an employee of the non-governmental organization Terra Save, which helps victims of bioterrorism and chemical attacks. When she encountered the zombie outbreak in Raccoon City, she was a college student with a passion for motorcycles. Since learning self-defense from her older brother Chris, who was a member of the special forces, she possesses various combat skills despite being a civilian. She and Leon are like old war buddies who both fled Raccoon City together.

Jason (CV: Ray Chase)

Jason, ditto.
You can tell it’s spec ops from the cool pose.

Jason is the former captain of the U.S. Army Special Forces team Mad Dogs and is currently a federal agent. Six years ago (2000), he rescued his unit from isolation in civil war-torn Penamstan. He is now called the “Hero of Penamstan”. He has a cool head and is able to handle many different situations.

Shen May (CV: Jona Xiao)

Shen May, ditto.
Shoot in high heels? Classy, ​​but impractical.

Shen May is a computer-savvy federal agent. She travels to Shanghai with Leon and Jason to find the cause of the White House hacking incident.

The recruit

Patrick (CV: Billy Kametz)

Patrick, ditto.
You can tell he’s the rookie of the haircut and the lack of a gun.

Patrick is a rookie American agent with little intelligence experience. He thinks Leon is just a lucky guy. He considers Jason a hero.

Graham (CV: Joe J. Thomas)

President Graham, ditto.
Hmm, his face doesn’t quite scream “Mr. President” to me.

The president of the United States. He trusts Leon, who once went to Europe and rescued his daughter Ashley, who had been kidnapped by a cult called Los Iluminados.

Wilson (CV: Doug Stone)

SecDef Wilson, ditto.
I don’t know, does he look mean to you?

Die-hard politician who managed to go from ex-soldier to Secretary of Defense. He is ambitious and will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals.

Ryan (CV: Brad Venable)

Ryan, ditto.
Man, Ryan, you really put on weight the last time we saw you in the Tom Clancy novels, didn’t you?

Close adviser to President Graham. His opinions often clashed with the hard line of Secretary of Defense Wilson.


Netflix officially unveils some key details about Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, and even a cool new main trailer. Judging by said trailer, it really seems loyal to the Games. Interested? Check Out This CG Horror Anime Series On Netflix July 8, 2021 For Hot Moments zombie action.

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