‘Scott Pilgrim’ Fans Want Lisa Miller in Netflix Animated Series


After years of rumors about a Scott Pilgrim animated show on Netflix, fans finally got confirmation. Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novels have an anime series in the works from UCP, a division of Universal Studio Group responsible for The Umbrella Academy. Of course, fans came up with wishlists for scenes and characters that never made it to Edgar Wright. Scott Pilgrim vs the world movie. And many fans want to see Lisa Miller in the Scott Pilgrim animated.

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Who is Lisa Miller in the “Scott Pilgrim” graphic novels?

While fans of Michael Cera and Wright Scott Pilgrim vs the world know characters like the aloof Ramona Flowers and Scott’s castmates Kim Pine and Stephen Stills, many didn’t make the final cut.

A fan favorite in Scott Pilgrim, Lisa Miller, got a small mention in the Julie Powers film but was otherwise completely absent.

She first appeared in Scott Pilgrim vs the world book, the second in the series. She went to high school with Scott and Kim Pine, and they formed a band called Sonic & Knuckles. However, she had an even greater impact when she returned in Volume 4, Scott Pilgrim pulled himself together.

She admits that she has always been attracted to Scott, but neither of them have ever moved. However, with Scott battling the League of Evil Exes for Ramona, she couldn’t have appeared at a worse time.

Scott Pilgrim resists the temptation, and Lisa Miller leaves for California at the end of the book to pursue her in theater.

Although she never appeared in live-action, she did appear in anime – twice.

A fan poll on Reddit asked which scenes fans wanted to see in the Netflix animated series

Shortly after The Hollywood Reporter broke the news, fans began buzzing about what the Scott Pilgrim the anime might include. While Scott Pilgrim vs the world left Netflix in September 2021, this new show could bring him back.

“Bryan Lee O’Malley, Pilgrim artist-creator, written and produced with BenDavid Grabinski, the showrunner behind the revival of Are you scared of the dark? at Nickelodeon,” Hollywood journalist noted. “Both will show the series if it moves forward, with anime house Science SARU on tap to provide the animation work.”

A fan poll on Reddit has appeared asking which scenes fans would like to see in the anime series. While some suggested certain moments, one of the best comments just said, “Anything, including Lisa, of course.”

fans of the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels on Twitter and the internet supported seeing Lisa Miller in the new Scott Pilgrim animated.

In ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the Animation’, Roxy Richter actor Mae Whitman voiced Lisa Miller

Freed Adult Swim Scott Pilgrim Against Animation as a promotional link with Scott Pilgrim vs. the world. It followed the events of the first chapter of Book 2.

Scott Pilgrim, Lisa Miller, and Kim Pine appear prominently in the animation. Lisa was voiced by Mae Whitman, who also played Ramona’s fourth Evil Ex, Roxy Richter, in live-action.

Much like in the graphic novel, Lisa convinces Scott to form a band with her in an effort to become “cool”. However, she admits they could use a drummer. Scott suggests Kim Pine from his geography class.

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Of course, a rival school kidnaps Kim in the usual over the top Scott Pilgrim fashion. Scott must fight his way to save her and get her to join the group. A montage shows Scott Pilgrim, Lisa Miller and Kim Pine in high school before Scott moved to Toronto, Canada.

She also appeared in Scott Pilgrim Against the World: The Game as a background character and salesman at Dee’s Tex Mex shop.

However she appears in the Netflix series, many graphic novel fans will love seeing her on screen.

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