“Screen 2022” features “anime” artwork


Organized by the “Fun” Foundation to promote media and visual arts among children and young people, the Artist Group “Anima” chose to shine a light on art, an inspiring creative platform that presented their works. Offer “Anime” and its creations to all ages and all nations.

The activities of “Screen 2022” continued for three days in the Aljada district of Sharjah, bringing more talented artists and presenting their works to the public as “Artist’s Style” was dedicated to showcasing the many character productions “anime “, whether they are world famous or specially created.

Commenting on the organization of the event, Sheikh Jawahar Bint Abdullah Al Qasimi, Director of the Art Foundation, told Emirates Today: “As a business, we are interested in various forms of media art, whether either photography, animation or cinema, whatever is new and unique in this structure. We are always looking for and every two years we organize an event specializing in media arts, that is why the name (screen) was chosen for this event, which should be consistent in each session because all these arts are presented through screens.

He noted that the art of “anime” selected during this session stands out as part of animation art, and that this type of art is in high demand, explaining that he strongly wishes to support young talents to obtain support. And encourage them to develop their artistic productivity. He pointed out that the Foundation organizes a number of events to support young people and talents in various fields that fall within the scope of media arts, including films.

Painter Al-Anoud Youssef attended the event and presented a group of his drawings, noting that he loves cartoons and started presenting this art many years ago after being able to research a lot own style, as well as move. Place characters in different positions across the maps.

He pointed out that when it comes to drawings and their implementation, it can take hours to draw, and considering that working on art and drawing can be very enjoyable, the time can be long depending on the details that you enter the work, including shadows and colors.

Alia al-Badi participated in the presentation of her drawings and her silent book in which she presented an integrated story only through drawings. The story reveals a toy made of olive trees, which wanders around the forest and helps the animals and gives each animal a part of its body until it eventually loses all its organs and dies. He noted that the story could not be read by the reader because the graphics expressed the idea, especially since the character creation was designed to clarify the events, and he emphasized the characters. The creations are close to her, and they take a long time to complete, so get closer to her.

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