Some anime games have been discounted by up to 50% on GameStop


GameStop lists a number of different anime-style games with discounts of up to 50%, covering a handful of genres and consoles.

May 2021

In recent years, Anime-style games have seen incredible success. With games like Persona 5, these titles are intended to dominate a single market segment. Right now, gamers can get several highly rated anime games at a great price, even 50% off, from GameStopsale of anime games.

The GameStop sale includes many highly rated games such as Persona 5, but not limited to that. With varying styles of play, there seems to be something for many styles of players. From turn-based JRPGs to combat and action RPGs, the options are quite varied.

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Some of the best deals include Persona 5 Royal Edition, reduced to $ 34.99. However, some stores carry this deal with the Steelbook, as long as you select in-store pickup. Fans of Persona 5 can also pick up Forwards Persona 5, down $ 20, for just $ 39.99. Jump where Persona 5 left out, players will be able to play in a different fighting style and explore different areas. There is also Sakura Wars, a visual novel / JRPG style, which has been discounted by 50% and retails for $ 29.99. This also includes a sticker set, costume DLC, and a reversible cover.

Fans of Dragon Ball and other assorted shonen-style anime should be thrilled to hear that Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot and Jump force also receive a discount. With exploration and RPG-style gameplay, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot has kept fans engaged with an assortment of DLC relating to different periods of the manga and anime.

Jump force provided a crossover 3D fighting game that many anime fans have grown to love. Whether it be One Piece, HunterXHunter, or others, fans are likely to find their favorite fighter in the game. Both games are tagged, with Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot sold for $ 19.99 and Jump Force for $ 14.99 for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Many of these games have achieved high marks and are widely praised by fans from all walks of life. While not limited to these titles, they are more touted JRPGs available during the sale. However, GameStop included some games that were not marked on the sales page. While the other games have been well received, they are not on sale.

It’s unclear how long the sale will last, so fans will want to grab the titles they are looking for. With offers of up to 50% off, people can go to Gamestopand update their order book.

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Source: GameStop

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