Tales of the Abyss Animated Series Coming to YouTube in January


The release is meant to celebrate the first anniversary of Bandai Namco’s YouTube channel.


Starting January 1, the anime series Tales from the Abyss hits YouTube, courtesy of Bandai Namco. The release is how the company celebrates the first anniversary of the company’s YouTube channel.

The first episode of Tales from the Abyss is already available on YouTube, while the second episode will be released in January, with subsequent episodes to be released on a weekly schedule. The dubbing for each episode will be in Japanese, but there will also be an option for English subtitles.

The anime is based on the hugely popular action-RPG game franchise, Tales, but follows the story of the eighth installment of the series, Tales from the Abyss. The anime tells the story of Luke fon Fabre, a swordsman targeted by a military-religious group called the Order of Lorelei, who believes he is part of an ancient prophecy. The series follows Luke and his friends as he seeks to uncover the truth and solve the mystery of the prophecy.



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the Tales from the Abyss The anime first premiered in Japan in 2008 and contained a total of 26 episodes, ending in 2009. Most of the voice actors from the popular game franchise of the same name returned to voice their characters for the anime . On the other hand, the Tales The game franchise has been a long-running hit series since 1995, with its latest release being Tales of Luminaria in 2021. Each installment of the series serves as a standalone entry, but the games are tied to each other through different aspects, such as gameplay and fantasy settings.

Besides the YouTube announcement, Bandai Namco also revealed that a 25th anniversary collection of Tales’ the opening themes will be released on Blu-ray. So technically there are two celebrations for fans of the show. Tales from the Abyss hits YouTube starting January 1.

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