The 8 Best Animated Movies That Aren’t From Studio Ghibli, Ranked


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Studio Ghibli is an easy contender for the most prestigious name in animation. Even those who don’t watch anime have probably seen at least one Studio Ghibli movie (most likely being Taken away as if by magic).

And it’s no wonder the company has been so successful. Their films marvelously blend the joys, questions and traumas of childhood with a delicate balance. Their films strike deeply and in a way that makes us feel emotions that most films could never handle.

But Studio Ghibli isn’t the only studio producing iconic animated films. If you’re looking for a great animated movie that’s different from the usual Ghibli fare, here are some of our top picks!

The girl who crossed time from director Mamoru Hosoda injects a bit of whimsy and lighthearted fun into the animated viewing experience.

This film follows the story of Makoto, who, as the title suggests, gains the ability to travel back in time. She quickly abuses this power to help him with school, relationships and everything else.

Of course, all this has a cost! There’s a touch of maturity to the film, but a lot of it is about exploring what you would do if you could fix your past mistakes, which is something we can all relate to.

If you enjoyed CreationYou will like Paprika. It features a lot of the same weird, otherworldly visuals and the anxiety that comes from not knowing what’s real and what’s a dream.

All of this is mixed with an anime aesthetic that is undeniably effective at presenting its surreal concept with the greatest punch.

Paprika is about a group trying to stop a terrorist from unleashing the chaos of dreams on the streets of Tokyo. It’s a wild ride with brilliant animation that will make you wonder what reality really is.

When Mima Kirigoe made the transition from pop star to actress, she didn’t expect her life to be balancing death threats from jaded fans with agents arguing over her next big career move.

What unfolded was one of the best murder mystery plots in animated film history, with Mima slowly losing her grip on reality, with beautifully over-the-top visuals that perfectly balanced character beauty with drama. horror of on-screen murders. .

Not every great animated film is an exciting, sci-fi, mind-blowing, heartbreaking experience filled with chaotic visuals. A silent voice is a quieter genre of animated film about a reformed bully who tries to make amends for the hurt he has inflicted on others.

He reaches out to Shoko, a deaf girl who was once forced to move to another school just to escape her bullying. Through them, we explore the nature of forgiveness, disability, and whether people can truly change their bad ways.

A silent voice is perfect for a quiet night when you need a good cry. Just make sure you have those tissues handy!

Many people would say that the ghost in the shell the film has surpassed the manga it was originally based on, which is certainly a fair assessment. Reduced to the length of a feature film, the plot of ghost in the shell has become much tighter and the message more effective.

This animated film is a cyberpunk thriller about a mysterious hacker called the Puppet Master who is wreaking havoc on a high-tech society in the near future. It has characters grappling with questions about the nature of humanity and the blurred lines between humans and machines.

The animation in ghost in the shell holds up, even three decades since its first release. Of the multitude of sequels and spin-offs this film spawned, none managed to eclipse the original.

Sometimes you just want to watch fast cars go fast. For that, Red line is a visual spectacle that never stops until the end credits.

Set in a future where illegal car racing is the most important thing, Red line is an animated film centered on its aesthetics. Every frame is beautiful, every movement is perfectly fluid.

It takes an incredible amount of artistic skill to craft action scenes as over-the-top as the ones featured in this film, but in a way that doesn’t lose consistency or structure. By pushing the limits to the absolute extreme, Red line becomes an iconic animated film.

When your name burst onto the scene in 2016, he shattered cinema records around the world. To date, it is the third highest-grossing Japanese film in the world with $380 million.

your name manages to be sweet and intimate while still providing plenty of visual treats for anime movie fans. It centers on two high school students – a city boy and a country girl – who randomly swap bodies as they fall asleep.

The film begins as an exploration of the differences between city life and country life, but evolves into an examination of fate and love. It is a mind-blowing experience that is both beautiful, fun and tragic.

No other animated film has stood the test of time like Akira.

More than three decades after its release, this film remains the standard by which all other animated films are judged. The action, animation, and music hold up to this day, and seeing it in full glory on the big screen is still the only way to truly experience it.

Akira also features one of cinema’s most iconic shots: Kaneda stopping on his bike. It’s a sequence that has been copied and referenced in countless films and shows since.

Without a doubt, Akira isn’t just the best animated movie of all time, it’s one of the greatest movies ever made, animated or not.

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