The Best Anime Series (August 2022)


It’s summer. It’s time to kick back, relax, and maybe get away from it all for a bit to get away from the tumultuous times we find ourselves in. What better way to escape than in a good anime? After all, the animated medium allows artists to express things that they normally couldn’t convey in more traditional media.

Whether you enjoy the subtle beauty of a well-drawn sunset or the hyper-stylized action and fight choreography often used in action scenes, the anime really has it all. If you’re an anime fan, you’ll be happy to know that you can do more than buy great tech from Amazon. Prime Video features some of the best modern and classic anime around. Let’s take a look at some of the best anime Prime Video has to offer in August 2022.



If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like if a group of anime, manga, and video game characters you grew up with suddenly materialize in the real world and engage in full-fledged battle right before your eyes. , then Re:Creators is for you. Although nothing particularly deep is going on in Re:Creators, anime has fun with a variety of tropes (in particular, flipping the isekai gender on its head), character archetypes and genders.

If you’re an anime fan looking for a fun action, sci-fi, and fantasy adventure with more fan service than you can shake a stick at, Re:Creators should be on your watch list in August.

Big Blue Dream

Big Blue Dream is a comedy show about a young man, Iori, who starts college and adapts to his new surroundings, new rules and way of life while working in his uncle’s surf shop near the ocean. As he tries to stick to his schoolwork, Iori can’t seem to keep his head out of trouble and ends up getting carried away by the antics of the college diving club. Iori’s comedic seaside misadventures with the dive club often involve booze, attractive classmates, and loud laughter from the audience.

Yu Gi Oh!

If you missed this classic fantasy shonen when it first aired, now’s your chance to catch up on an iconic piece of anime history. Yo-Gi-Oh! takes place in a fantasy world where duelists use a deck of cards to summon unique monsters and use magic to engage in epic battles and tournaments, in addition to resolving conflict with a little play. The main character, Yugi , is possessed by an ancient Egyptian spirit who has no memory of his own past life.

Whereas Yu Gi Oh features some nuanced concepts, it’s ultimately a fairly straightforward, albeit well-executed shonen anime that features hidden character development throughout the story. As you follow Yugi and his gang of jolly misfits, you begin to see Yugi, who is a shy little boy at first, learn to stand up for himself and fight for what he believes in and what he wants.

Made in the Abyss

Made in the Abyss is an action-adventure anime that follows young orphan Riko as she embarks on a journey into the terrifying abyss to find her mother. As she descends into the darkness, Riko encounters a strange humanoid robot who has no memory of his past or how he became. Riko comes to summon her new mate Reg, and together they descend the abyss and face unknown threats that have already claimed some of the greatest known warriors and explorers on the surface, including Riko’s mother, Lyza the Unmaker. .

Made in the Abyss features visual elements and storytelling tropes more commonly found in horror cartoons than adventure series, but the world is perfectly crafted and the story is masterfully told.

Land of the Shining

Land of the Shining stands out as one of the few anime series to use CGI perfectly, and it deserves a watch just for that. The beautifully animated anime subtly deals with social acceptance, identity, and loss by presenting us with a world completely devoid of humans.

The show follows Phosphophyllite, the stubborn and fragile member of a small group of sentient, sexless humanoid gemstones tasked with protecting Earth from the attacks of Lunarians who seek to kidnap the gems for use as jewelry. One of the most interesting aspects of the series is the detailed characterization of the gems.

Each gem has its own personality based on its physical properties and role on the team, with Phosphophyllite standing out as the most fragile, clumsy, and out of place among its peers. Their fish-out-of-water nature makes Phosphophyllite a good audience support as we come to know this foreign yet familiar world that the gems are charged with protecting.


Toradora! is the perfect combination of comedy, romance, drama and slice of life. A romantic anime classic, Toradora! follows Ryuji, the soft-hearted, stone-faced Taiga, and their small group of friends as they navigate the intricacies of adolescence and unexpectedly fall in love in high school. Toradora! stands out as having well-written characters, each with their own unique motivations and personalities – even the supporting cast – making the world and characters feel like real people instead of drawings on a screen.

If you’re the type to steer clear of romantic comedy cartoons due to the multitude of tropes and clichés, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by Toradora!. While many of his ideas aren’t as unique as they were when the show first aired, the characters and plot are as fun as they are heartwarming.

Psycho Pass

Inspired by movies like Blade Runner, Psycho pass is a unique psychological thriller set in a futuristic and somewhat Sytopian cyberpunk world. Based on calculations made by a biomechatronic computer system, Japanese citizens are investigated and punished based on the likelihood of committing a crime.

The show follows members of an investigative unit made up of trained officials, called Inspectorsand Executors— members of the public labeled as latent criminals who pose some sort of threat to society but aren’t tough enough to be punished — as they investigate the criminal enterprises of several individuals.

Psycho pass has been generally well received by critics and the anime community for its depiction of its characters and society, as well as its detailed world-building, though the series’ inconsistent use of technology leaves many viewers wondering. To ask questions.

Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are perfect streaming companions

One of anime’s greatest strengths is the flexibility it offers creators to effectively represent a wide variety of narratives, themes, genres, and aesthetics. Yet sometimes the animated medium fails to express human emotion in a believable and relatable way. Netflix also has some great original series if you’re looking for something a little more grounded.

Amazon Prime Video is just one of the benefits available to Prime members. If you’re looking to save a little money, a top-notch streaming device and a few streaming subscriptions are a lot cheaper than a monthly cable bill.

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