The best anime series of 2021


Try as you might, there’s just no getting away from it anime kind. By now, you’ve probably already started charting your own personal path through the genre after hearing your friends endlessly chat about their favorite. demon slayer scene or the new episode of Boruto on Crunchyroll. But that’s the problem ⏤ once we’ve been guided to some popular franchises, we tend not to pay much attention to other great anime titles that are also available for streaming, and many of us miss out on a lot of great stories that you don’t hear about until later.

Like every year, 2021 has been filled with new releases that have gained a cult following in a short time, so if you’re not already up to date with these awesome shows, it’s time to get acquainted with some of the best anime to come out. in 2021.

Tokyo avengers

Going back in time or being transported to a different world to start life over seems to be a popular theme this year in the anime world, and understandably so. Who wouldn’t love the chance to start their life over? That said, if it’s something like Tokyo avengers, then you may not be so eager to relive your past.

When mild-mannered part-timer Takemichi is deliberately pushed in front of a train, he finds himself transported 12 years back in time to his middle school days as a 14-year-old wannabe delinquent. Convinced he’s been given a second chance, Takemichi is determined to turn the tide of a bleak future where his college sweetheart Hina dies at the hands of the Tokyo Manji Gang. In order to change the future, Takemichi decides to join the infamous Tokyo Maji gang and develops close friendships with its high-ranking members, like their powerful young leader Mikey and surprisingly mature second-in-command, Draken. But somehow, no matter how hard Takemichi tries, he always finds a new tragic event in the present that dates back to the criminal activities of the Tokyo Manji gang.

Full of gritty street action and well-developed drama, Tokyo avengers solidified itself as one of the top breakout hits of 2021.

sk8 infinity

A refreshing change of pace from your typical shonen anime, sk8 infinity revolves around budding friendships and the excitement of extreme skateboarding. Reki, a hard-working skateboarder with an intense love for the sport, is introduced to a Canadian transfer student, Langa, at school and instructed to show him around. Wasting no time, Reki introduces Langa to Japanese skateboarding culture and takes her into the underground skateboard races known simply as “S”.

Originally a snowboarder, Langa quickly gravitates towards the sport and, with the help of Reki, trains to become good enough to hang on to the best riders in S. However, things aren’t always fun, as the S riders seem to cause a rift between the two friends as Langa begins to outdo his buddy and mentor. While this might not be the action-packed slugfest that most anime fans live for, sk8 infinity is a charming anime that focuses on the connections and stories of skateboarders while delivering a smooth narrative that incorporates the artistry of skateboarding into a neat little package.

sonny boy

From the creator of Boogiepop and others, by Shingo Natsume sonny boy is a unique and original sci-fi survival drama that gives off a lot of heavy lord of the flies vibration. The show follows a class of high school students who are mysteriously transported with their school to another dimension with no explanation as to why or how. Without adult supervision, the students are left alone to figure out how to escape their strange situation. And to make matters worse, some students somehow gained supernatural abilities which they also began to abuse in order to suppress their own desires and desires.

Full of teen drama and a compelling plot, sonny boy is a crazy coming-of-age thriller that pushes the boundaries of science fiction. With its cast of memorable characters, sonny boy is an epic story that will keep you engaged with its humor and unique concept.

Star Wars: Visions

Star Wars: Visions is an anthology that brings together seven different anime studios to tell their own stories in the star wars universe through the world’s most popular animation medium. Using anime’s quirky approach to storytelling, Star Wars: Visions introduces fans to another side of the legendary space saga, like a bunny girl wielding lightsaber katanas or a group of Sith clones slicing entire Star Destroyers in half with super-powered lightsabers.

If you are a fan of star wars and lively, then Star Wars: Visions is going to be the anime anthology you’ll eventually want to get your hands on so you can make it part of your collection.

Mushoku Tensei: Unemployed Reincarnation

Getting reincarnated has always been an intriguing concept for anime, and it’s become so popular recently that many anime this year have been adaptations of isekai manga, the fantasy subgenre where a person from Earth is transported, reborn or is trapped in a parallel universe or fantasy world.

One of the first to deploy in 2021, Mushoku Tensei is an isekai anime that follows the life of a perverted unemployed 34-year-old recluse who dies after being hit by a truck and is reincarnated as a newborn in an alternate fantasy world. Determined to live a much better life on his second go-around, Rudeus Greyart grows up to be a powerful young mage who makes a living teaching magic. Full of grown-up humor, amazing action, in-depth world-building, and gripping adventures, Mushoku Tensei: Unemployed Reincarnation is a great anime tale that’s sure to keep you engaged through every episode.

Blade Runner: Black Lotus

From Crunchyroll and Cartoon Network adult swimming comes a chapter of the blade runner saga that is sure to impress fans of the famous science fiction series. Fully animated in CGI, Blade Runner: Black Lotus is set in the futuristic landscape of 2032 Los Angeles and revolves around a young woman named Elle who wakes up with no memories. All she has to her name is a set of deadly combat skills and a mysterious locked data device that holds the key to her troubled past.

Angry and confused, Elle soon becomes embroiled in several conflicts in the underworld as she seeks answers regarding her identity. Unfortunately, in a world where artificial humans known as Replicants are being mass-produced to interact in the activities of human society, finding the answers to her origins may prove more difficult than She ever imagined. . If you haven’t seen it yet or missed its time slot on the Adult Swim program, now is a great time to catch up and stream it for free on Crunchyroll.

The world’s best assassin is reincarnated in another world as an aristocrat

This is another isekai anime that follows the story of a middle-aged, high-level assassin who meets an untimely end and is given the chance to be reincarnated in another fantasy world in exchange for the death of that world’s hero. Then his soul is reincarnated as Lugh Tuatha Dé, the eldest son of a family of aristocratic assassins.

As Lugh grows, he learns the family methods of assassination, magic and medicine while rescuing young girls in distress who he thinks might have hidden levels of murderous prowess that could be useful to him in life. the future. As he continues to grow old and form his own court of assassins, Lugh prepares for the fateful day when he must finally confront the hero and… kill him.

end of platinum

From the creator of Death threat comes another supernatural battle of wits between humans in the new religious psychological thriller end of platinum. The series follows Mirai Kakehashi, a high school student so tired of his life that he tries to end it all by jumping off a building…only to be saved by his guardian angel, Nasse. It is then revealed to him that he has been chosen as one of the 12 candidates for the role of God. For the rather peaceful Mirai, he just wants to live happily the rest of his life. However, some candidates don’t feel the same and are willing to kill each other to have a better chance of taking God’s place. But first, they have to find each other.

Now Mirai is forced into a daily cat-and-mouse routine to conceal his identity and stay alive. But when other peaceful candidates for God are mercilessly killed before his eyes, he realizes he may not be able to avoid getting his hands dirty.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood

From Studio Mir ⏤ the company best known for its work on anime series like The Legend of Korra and those of Netflix Voltron Legendary DefendersDOTA: Dragon’s Blood is a surprisingly mature turn from his previous projects. The story revolves around Davion, a confident and courageous dragon knight tasked with slaying an ancient dragon or Eldwyrm who has taken up residence in a local village. However, after venturing deep underground to confront the dragon, Davion finds himself in the midst of an intense battle between the Eldwyrm Slyrak and an Eldwyrm possessed by a mythical supernatural villain known as the Terrorblade.

Now tasked with helping Slyrak protect the dragon world from the nefarious plots of Terrorblade, Davion is forced to use Slyrak’s power to stop the former villain. At least that’s if the other dragon knights don’t kill him first.

Invasion from great heights

Crawling from the vaults of Netflix’s craziest shows, Invasion from great heights is a thriller anime that traps random Japanese citizens in a high-rise world where the mysteries of anonymous assailants known as The Masks unlock the world’s main objective. This eventually leads to the building of alliances between the survivors as they try to navigate and defeat the masks, while trying to figure out the identity of the world’s puppet master and how to finally get back to their world.

However, not everyone wants to go back. Some embrace their new surroundings as a chance to live out sadistic fantasies or become something more than they were in their old lives. These people will also do whatever it takes to stay in their new world, even if it means killing any survivors who disagree. A great anime with a very original concept filled with action, humor, suspense and captivating storytelling, Invasion from great heights is an underrated but fitting addition to the list of some of the best anime to feature this year.

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