The best short anime series for fans with the busiest lives


An afternoon filled with nothing but catching up on the favorite anime might seem like the best day imaginable but, let’s face it, sometimes there just isn’t time to kick back and rewind like we deserve it. However, there are still anime series that are ideal for bringing a bit of joy to the busiest days.

These short anime episodes, with segments typically under 15 minutes – down to a minute or two – are the perfect way to hang out during coffee breaks and lunchtimes, with a variety of quirks sure to come. to make someone crack a smile.

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Aggretsuko: a fast and wild anime with anthropomorphic characters

Speaking of coffee breaks and lunch times, Netflix Aggretsuko features anthropomorphic businesswoman Retsuko as she tries to negotiate her daily life in the fast lane – all the while heavy metal power coursing through her red panda veins. Her manager is sexist and inconsiderate, her colleagues boring and insipid, but at least she has a karaoke, where she can let her feelings run free.

Over the course of four seasons, Retsuko has come to terms with many of her old stressors, and there’s definitely a plot for audiences to engage with. That said, Aggretsuko is also easy to enjoy episodically with its extremely heavy rock music and commentary on modern millennial society. For anyone who can relate to Retsuko’s struggles or just wants a simple and enjoyable show to unwind in, Aggretsuko is an ideal choice.

Aggretsuko East available to stream on Netflix.

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The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.: Short Comedic Segments

Saiki hiding, Saiki K

Life is not easy for a teenage medium, and The disastrous life of Saiki K. demonstrates this in the most hilarious way possible. Although each episode is 24 minutes long, they are divided into smaller segments which make it easier to watch this anime bit by bit. Saiki Kusuo is simply trying to pass his high school education without anyone finding out that he is a psychic.

Sure, gym class can be a struggle when your typical throw can knock someone out, but for someone with telekinesis, teleportation, x-ray vision, telepathy, and general disdain for people, Saiki is doing quite well. However, between home, high school, and the troubles he manages to fall into outside of those, he’ll be lucky enough to graduate without the whole world knowing his secret.

The disastrous life of Saiki K. East available to stream on Funimation and Netflix.

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This boy is a professional wizard: a short but moving story of BL

Kashima and Utsumi sitting in a bar in This Boy is a Professional Wizard.

A slightly softer story more focused on human relations than others on this list, This boy is a professional wizard is a contribution to the unknown This boy Collection of director Yamamoto Soubi. With its distinct, luscious art style and positive LGBTQ+ message, this short anime is comfort food. Watching the entire show takes less than 30 minutes, circling the story of Kashima Chiharu and her encounter with possible love – and how it clashes with her professional life.

Chiharu is a wizard captain within a government division known as the Magical Crisis. His days are miserable and stressful until he meets Toyohi Utsumi at a bar, and a romantic relationship begins to blossom between the two. However, Chiharu’s labor is never far behind and begins to tear the couple apart, leaving it up in the air whether they will commit to each other despite the odds.

This boy is a professional wizard East available to stream on Crunchyroll.

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Senyuu: A Heartfelt Survival Story with Elements of Isekai


Hero number 45 is going to save the world. Alright, maybe he’s only maybe will save the world, but there are 75 possible descendants of the great hero Creasion, and Alba Frühling has the Royal Knight Ross by her side. This increases his chances of defeating the Demon Lord – or being killed himself by one of Ross’ sadistic plots, so he’s optimistic.

Senyuu is a delicious fantasy game filled with classic isekai elements, dismantling them to create a funny, quirky, and surprisingly heartfelt story that includes numerous attempts by a knight to kill his overlord. Everything on Senyuu ends up being unexpected, and each character has the chance to surprise and grow as the series progresses. Although each episode is only a few minutes long, the story makes the most of it to make the audience laugh, gasp, moan and cheer as the protagonists manage another day without dying.

Senyuu East available to stream on Crunchyroll.

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Skull-Face Librarian Honda-san

honda-san bookseller skull

The aches and pains of retail are real in Skull-Face Librarian Honda-san, where the daily disasters of working for a bookstore are wittily and wearily detailed. Honda and his group of colleagues detail the inner workings of their store, from setting up displays to preparing new releases to the most extreme cases – like a middle-aged man who unknowingly comes to pick up yaoi content highly inappropriate for her teenage daughter.

There is nothing peaceful about this atmosphere, and the panic in the air only fades in the brief moments before the employees realize they had something else that should have been done there. at ten minutes. For anyone who has worked in this kind of retail space, Skull-Face Librarian Honda-san is sure to be full of relatable characters and moments, worth a chuckle or at least a sigh after a busy day at work.

Skull-Face Librarian Honda-san East available to stream on Crunchyroll.

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