The long-awaited animated series crossover finally arrives


An intriguing collaboration between Guardian Talesfame Action RPG produced by Kong Studiosand NEXT Killers, a popular Japanese anime series has arrived. The Slayer franchise is based on the fantasy light book series of the same name and follows Lina Reversea teenage witch who fights against the evil armies of the Lord of Nightmares.

Over the years, the Slayers universe has been adapted into a variety of media formats. Guardian Tales, a classic action-adventure RPG now welcomes the famous franchise to the world of Kong Studios.

The collaboration between this popular free-to-play mobile RPG Guardian Tales and Slayers NEXT is followed by a huge wave of hype. The developers have announced a lot of content which will be added to the game with the next update.

Slayers Next premieres in Guardian Tales with two Slayer-centric stories and a variety of quests and sub-quests to explore.

Image via Kong Studio

Lina Inverse, the main protagonist and a 3-star hero added as a pickup summon hero, will be available to players. Lina’s main companion, Gourry Gabriev, a 3-star hero, will be available for free as part of an in-game event.

The second part, featuring the enigmatic priest Xellos, a 3-star hero summon hero, will be available in the global version on Tuesday, March 8. As NPCs, more characters from the Slayers universe will appear throughout the game’s storyline and events.

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