The most popular anime series of 2021, with receipts!


There are plenty of new anime premiering in 2022. But before we break them down, it’s time to take a look back at the most popular anime series of the past year. There were a lot of new anime that came out last year, like Star Wars: Visions Where Jujutsu Kaisen. While other anime series of 2021 were continuations or revivals of classic or existing animes like Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba season 2. But a new data compilation shows an unexpected trend of what all of America considers the best anime series of 2021 based on each state’s search history. That’s right! Anime fans have their browser history analyzed by a data company. Century Link. And they break down which anime is most popular in which state of the country.

So let’s take a look at the most popular anime series of 2021. At least, in order of the number of states that searched for them the most often.

A play Is (numerically) the most popular anime series of 2021

Image via CenturyLink

First in 1999, A play is an anime series about a pirate boy with a rubber body in search of treasure to become the Pirate King. The show is still airing with over 1,000 episodes aired so far and counting. It is one of the most popular anime series of all time. So much so that Netflix is ​​even working on a live-action adaptation.

In one analysis performed by CenturyLink, A play was the most searched anime in 2021 in the United States. And that’s basically a pretty crushing victory if you want to look at it that way. 25 of 50 US states wanted A play the most, among all other anime. This could be because the series is still airing or its new live-action adaptation is getting closer to release. Regardless, A play is clearly one of the anime series of 2021 that has most Americans on their minds.

Other 2021 Anime Shows Were a Close Second

Most poplar Naruto anime series. Picture via Crunchyroll

After A playthe other three anime series of 2021 that came in second place were PokemonNaruto and my hero academia. Having Pokemon on the list makes sense, considering it’s one of those gateway anime series that popularized the medium in the West. The story is about children capturing wild creatures with powers and then battling other youngsters. Anime is now a multimedia franchise of video games, movies, TV shows, and so many types of merchandise. Eight states have the most wanted Pokemon on other anime series of 2021.

naruto is equally popular, previously the 3rd most-watched anime in the US in 2020, and topping many “best anime series” lists. naruto is so ingrained in pop culture that Michael B. Jordan and Coach even created a clothing line with anime. naruto appeared in the search history of 6 US states. This is interesting considering that the original anime series ended in 2014. It’s the same case with Death threat, the story of a boy with a diary that kills everyone whose name is written in it. The original anime ended in 2007, but it’s still one of the most popular anime series with 3 states looking for it.

The second place is completed by a new anime series of 2021, my hero academia. While a new movie was released in 2021, the 5th season will be released in 2022. The story of a helpless boy in a world full of superheroes attending a hero training school captured the hearts of audiences in the whole world. So it makes sense that it is the most popular anime in 5 states of America. There’s definitely a pattern to the searches, as most of them are for new, current, or returning anime.

The minor anime series of 2021 are surprising

Most poplar anime series 2021 Attack On Titan.  . Image via MAPPA.

Despite this pattern, the anime at the bottom of CenturyLink’s most popular anime series data is quite surprising. The classic Sailor Moonthe brand new JUjutsu Kaisen and critically acclaimed The attack of the Titans all of them each have 1 state looking for them. Sailor Moon being at the bottom end of the list makes sense, considering it’s one of those older anime shows that popularized anime outside of Japan.

However, the other two are a bit more surprising. Jujutsu Kaisen is a brand new anime series of 2021 which did quite well with audiences and critics. The story of a young boy joining a secret society of wizards became one of the most popular anime series of the year. And The attack of the Titans is one of the most anticipated shows of this year. The last part of season 4 is currently airing. The hit anime has an average rating of 96% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes over its 4 seasons. So for these two shows, having only one state to their name is a bit of a surprise.

With a brand new slate of anime for the 2022 season, we’ll have to see if that data changes this year. Until then, we have plenty of new anime series to look forward to.

Let us know which of these most popular anime series you contributed research to in the comments below.

Featured image via Toei Animation.

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