The Simple and the Complex: The Art of Anime Mixes the Two for Pictou County Artist


NEW GLASGOW — The seeming paradox of anime art is what draws artist Sarah Cacella. For her, he blends contrasts into a single art form.

“I find the styling to be both simplistic yet complex, by which I mean that in addition to looking like a cartoon character, there are tiny details and thoughts behind every design decision,” said the resident of New Glasgow.

Examples of works by Sarah Ccella. – Contributed

Although she took a year of Art Fundamentals courses at Seneca College, she is mostly self-taught, learning how to transition from traditional pencils and paper to digital creation. Cacella works in both media, but leans towards digital freedom.

“For traditional media, I work with pencils, charcoal and ink. But I mainly work with digital media because they have all the brushes I could want and can work and rework my art much more efficiently.

The digital realm is where anime has its strongest foothold and is also where it seeks to find its place as an artist.

“I am definitely looking for digital art galleries and if possible a physical gallery! However, for my style, I think the former is more doable unless I’m exhibiting all the art at a convention… The internet is the gateway to the world and I’d be happy to share it with as many people as possible! I would also love to help people bring their imaginary characters to life if they like my style.

Examples of works by Sarah Ccella.  - Contributed
Examples of works by Sarah Ccella. – Contributed

As Cacella progresses deeper into the world of anime, where does she see herself and her art five years from now?

“Five years from now I’ll probably have tattoos and hopefully things will have gone well. HA! I take it one day at a time when it comes to learning how to sell art online, but with all the resources, five years from now it will be fine at least.

She has already made several orders and is always open to more while selling other pieces online as well. You can find Cacella’s work online at on Instagram or Twitter at ever_wraith.

Examples of works by Sarah Ccella.  - Contributed
Examples of works by Sarah Ccella. – Contributed

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