The Trigun Anime Series Is Getting A Remake, But Luckily It’s Not Live-Action


Trigun Stampede Logo

When someone mentions the name of a beloved anime series and the word “remake”, a shiver runs through the world, even among people who don’t care about anime – because surely they know someone who loves anime or has been on the internet and seen what happens when someone one tries to fly too close to the sun on wings made of live-action approximations of iconic animated characters. But there’s no need to be afraid, anime fans… or at least no need to be afraid. Againbecause today we are not talking about a live remakewe are talking about a good Animated remake. Not animated by hand, because it’s 2022 and that would be absurd, but animated nonetheless!

As officially announced a few days agoYasuhiro Nightow’s manga series Trigun (later adapted into an animated series in 1998 that was somewhat of an Adult Swim staple) is getting a new CG animated remake called Stampede Trigun from the animation studio Orange (best known for Beastars).

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An announcement on Twitter added that it would be made with an “all new crew and a new cast”, and while this may be disappointing for fans of the old show, just remember that an all new cast of ‘voice actors is always better than seeing Dylan. Minnette or whatever plays Vash The Stampede in live action Trigun Netflix series. (No offense to Dylan Minnette, he’s just into a lot of things and that seems like something Netflix would do.)

Trigunfor those who inexplicably had something better to do than obsessively watch adult swimming set in the early 2000s, is a cowboy-themed sci-fi western set on a distant planet and centers on Vash, a supposedly violent gunman with an absurdly high bounty on his head. However, it turns out that Vash is actually a big jester who does everything he can to avoid hurting people.

Trigun – Opening HD

The original anime was well received, at least in the US thanks to that Adult Swim run, which means it’s not one of those things where they have to redo it so they can try to make it “good”, so it will be interesting to see how Stampede Trigun shake things up. The series will premiere on Crunchyroll sometime next year, and more information will be announced at Anime Expo in July.

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