The world’s first NFT, manga, and community anime series on the Cardano blockchain – ADA Ninjaz


ADA Ninjaz NFT is a collection of randomly generated 2D avatars. The designs are inspired by the popular artistic style of the Seinen anime, combining attributes of the traditional ninja lore with modern sartorial tricks. The story will focus on a raging war between 3 individual clans (more details to come), each with their own identity and reason for fighting for the survival of their clan.

In addition to collectible NFTs, ADA Ninjaz will be the world’s first community-driven manga series. ADA Ninjaz NFT owners will have the right to vote to decide the ultimate fate of each clan. Founded by two friends whose goal is to grow one of the strongest anime communities in the NFT space. We want to show the world how incredibly fun, smart, and powerful the anime community is and that we can all do anything when we come together.

This is a tribute to the digital age, ADA Ninjaz takes up themes from the manga and anime that billions of people have grown up in love with, integrating it with blockchain technology and opening up a world of opportunity within the metaverse, both for developers and the future community.


Imagine a world where like-minded Ninjaz come together to engage, play, and just have some old-fashioned fun. Maybe it’s in the physical realm, with clan meetups to discuss the latest news on all things ADA Ninjaz and the anime. Maybe it’s in the virtual realm, where you can log in as a purchased NFT and fight in a battle royale style tournament, or even attend a virtual music festival.

What if, instead of watching your favorite 2D anime on a computer screen, you watched it in 3D and from the perspective of your favorite character? This is the future and the vision of the ADA Ninjaz ecosystem. We don’t just bring manga into the NFT universe. We aspire to something more while respecting and appreciating the beauty of the world and the NFT community. The ADA Ninjaz team aims to see Ninjaz products worn by groups of friends on the streets.

For him to be represented at comic-cons and for people to cosplay as their favorite ADA Ninjaz. And of course, having developed several successful indie platform games enjoyed by millions of players. These ambitions are big, but with you – the investors and the supporters, the amazing people already associated with ADA Ninjaz, and of course, the NFT community at large, it is possible.

The World’s First NFT Series, Manga, and Anime on the Cardano Blockchain – ADA Ninjaz 4


First of all, the whole of ADA Ninjaz thanks the Ethereum team who have been able to provide an amazing smart contract platform for NFTs to thrive. Without such adoption, the ADA Ninjaz concept might not have had a reason to exist.

That being said, it is of course understood that the biggest constraint, by far, on the current Ethereum network is network congestion and therefore high gas (transaction) fees. There are so many problems that come with it, from gas wars to loss of money due to failed transactions.

For example, a recent NFT sale cost users $ 790,000 in failed Ethereum trades. That alone is enough in transaction fees to purchase a whole new set of NFTs!

But the biggest problem we see all too often is that small buyers (

So Ethereum is currently a big boys’ playground with a lot of money. This is unfortunately not fair to small investors, those who want to deepen their understanding of this space, develop their NFT collection and, more often than not, feel like part of a virtual community.

This is why we have decided to launch our NFT collectibles on the Cardano blockchain – so that smaller players have a chance to own their own NFT and be part of this amazing community as well.

Additionally, the ADA Ninjaz team believes in the Cardano ecosystem. It is normal that the Cardano ecosystem is still young, with smart contracts not yet fully mature. We are young too. The beauty of a growing blockchain protocol is that we have enough time to work on developing our product line and offering as well. The ADA Ninjaz team is here for the long haul.


NFT Maker Pro will lead the development of the backend solution and help us launch our project on the Cardano blockchain. Having himself the sponsor of Cardano NFTs, Patrick Tobler and the NFT-Maker Pro team, rest assured that things will be as smooth as possible on the front backend, as he is second to none when it comes to all backend solutions. . on Cardano.

Le4f Agency will lead the development of the front-end solution. Led by CEO Kristian Portz, they will create a classic and timeless website for us to share the vision and story of the ADA Ninjaz universe. With a superb team very experienced in creating an engaging user interface that is accessible and most importantly synchronized with the Cardano backend, this partnership will allow ADA Ninjaz to really take their front end to the next level.

Ignacio J. Durruty – master storyteller. A sublime blacksmith, Ignacio has great prowess when it comes to creating stories in fictional universes and scripting. His works have received a long list of accolades, particularly in the cinematic space, including, but not limited to:

• 2nd place – Barcelona Film Festival 2019

• Finalist – Amsterdam Film Festival 2019

• Finalist – Davinci Film Festival 2019

• Semi-finalist – TMFF 2019

• Official Selection – International Film and Screenwriting Competition in Las Vegas 2019

Mirai Musical Productions, a super Los Angeles-based music production duo who have been hired to develop a soundtrack for ADA Ninjaz. Led by Riccardo Lovatto and Jacopo Mazza, they will take care of everything music related, transcending written words into sounds and music that will be nothing short of breathtaking.

Riccardo, a music composer, is well versed in anime and manga music, having lived in Japan for several years, taught seminars at universities there, while playing in jazz clubs all over the country. In 2018, her debut recording “Shinnen” reached Deezer South Korea’s “Top 300 All Genre” chart. Therefore, it’s no surprise that they are exactly the ones the ADA Ninjaz team was looking for to produce the OST.

Origins of the Manga panel
The World’s First NFT Series, Manga, and Anime on the Cardano Blockchain – ADA Ninjaz 5

Unleash your inner ninja!

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To discover in the days and weeks to come:

1. The launch of the ADA Ninjaz website and the official sale date.

2. The history and traditions of the ADA Ninjaz universe.

3. Transparency in NFT’s initial allocations / offers.

4. Development roadmap and white list

For now, stay tuned, stay calm, and be a ninja!

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