Thousand Year Blood War Trailer Brings Iconic Animated Series To Life


Fans were disappointed after the first series of Bleach was hastily concluded with the Fullbringer Arc in 2012. As creator Tite Kubo continued the manga series, fans patiently waited, hoping they might see their favorite “Shinigami” (Soul Reaper) alternate animated at new. It took almost ten years, but the Bleach the anime finally returns with what is generally considered the best arc in history with Bleach: Bloody Thousand Year War.

Back in the hands of Studio Pierrot, the house that gave life naruto, Naruto Shippuden, and the original series of Bleach, the highly anticipated revival revealed the first trailer earlier today along with some key moments from the arc. You can watch it below, courtesy of Media VIZ.


Given how different and better looking it is compared to the original version, fans are already losing their minds over this new trailer. Not to mention the remixed version of Kurosaki Ichigo’s iconic theme song “Number One”.

Unfortunately, the studio was unable to access this popular storyline with the series’ original run and had to hastily conclude after the Full carrier arc, where Ichigo regains his spiritual powers after losing them from his battle with Aizen. The restarted race of Bleach will animate the Bloody Thousand Year War arc, which finally sees the conclusion of the eternal rivalry between Shinigami and Quincies. The hype surrounding the anime’s upcoming series is insane and considering how fans are gushing over the Bloody Thousand Year War arc (for good reason) it could become one of next year’s top rated anime. Pierrot seems to have done a great job of animating the series, as it looks perhaps even better than the last one.

Those familiar with the manga know the scenes already revealed in the trailer and know what the anime has in store for them. The upcoming arc answers many questions left unanswered before, especially the origin of Ichigo’s hollow powers. Bloody Thousand Year War will introduce fans to a world of despair, as they know the main antagonist of the series: the Almighty Yhwach.


On top of that, the arc also contains never-before-seen powers and shows off the true strength of many of the characters (something fans have been craving to see animated ever since the manga revealed them). However, everything is resolved in the end, of course, with a helping hand from some unlikely “acquaintances”.

Looking forward to this exciting revival of Bleach is coming to an end, as it has been officially confirmed that the anime will air from October 2022.

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