Top 10 anime series better than Naruto


naruto is one of the most popular anime of all time and an incredibly beloved series. For several years, it was one of the best manga and anime series for Shounen jump, which is why it is one of the big three. Even non-animated fans may recognize Naruto, which goes to show just how iconic the character is.

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That said, the series is far from perfect. Not only are there tons of pacing issues, but the characters, especially the female characters, aren’t as well developed as those in other anime. naruto may be one of the most popular anime of all time, but when it comes down to it, it’s far from being the best anime of all time.

ten Putty is better (bleach)

Bleach is another member of the big three, and while it’s not talked about as much as naruto, the series is equally popular. It has some of the same issues with pacing and filler, but despite what some fans think, this series does filler better. Not to mention, the filler in Bleachlike the Zanpakuto Rebellion arc, is far more entertaining than any of the fillers in naruto. While naruto‘s filler distracted from the story, the filler in Bleach gives a better insight into the characters and creates some pretty interesting stories.

9 Women are better written (Jujutsu Kaisen)

One of the biggest problems with naruto that’s how underdeveloped the female characters are, and luckily for fans of Jujutsu Kaisen, this series does not have this problem. Not only are the women incredibly well-rounded and strong in their own way, but each of them has well-written stories. In fact, most of the women are actually much more developed than the male characters, and they’re way more interesting because of that.

8 Some of the best anime fights (Samurai Champloo)

Samurai Champloo is an underrated series with incredibly well-done fight scenes and well-developed characters. It comes from the same director as cowboy bebop, so it has an interesting style and a lot of unique themes. Although naruto has amazing fight scenes, Samurai Champloo manages to have even better fights without even using a magic system.

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Characters may not have special abilities like many characters in naruto, but the fights are incredibly well choreographed and just fun to watch. Not to mention, the fighting styles are unique to each character, so not only do fans get some amazing action, but they get to experience the characters’ personalities.

7 It’s a series that makes you think (Attack on Titan)

The attack of the Titans is probably one of the most mainstream anime out there, and that’s because of the quality of the story. While the cliffhangers can be harrowing, they’re still thought-provoking with their storytelling. While naruto tends to spoon-feed the story to its audience, much of the story in The attack of the Titans is left to public interpretation. For example, why the Titans eat humans is never directly addressed in the anime and is actually left for fans to figure out for themselves.

6 Animation is consistent (Demon Slayer)

demon slayer looks incredibly like naruto in many ways, but one thing demon slayer does better is its animation. While the fight scenes in naruto are well done, the rest of the series is not. In fact, fans can usually tell when something big is going to happen because there would be an increase in animation quality. demon slayer doesn’t have this problem as the animation remains consistent throughout the series, making for an incredibly beautiful sight to watch.

5 The character development is top notch (My Hero Academia)

my hero academia is the current “it” anime and for good reason. The story is unique and the characters are well developed and endearing. Character development is something this series excels at, and it’s probably something it does better than any other anime.

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Midoriya has grown into an incredibly strong character over the course of the series, and he has lost none of his kindness. Not to mention his rivalry with Bakugo is really well done and Bakugo is one of the best developed characters in the entire series. The changes made by the characters as the show progresses are believable and not sudden, making their journey incredibly fun to watch.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is usually on most fans’ top anime lists. The magic system is unique and the story is incredibly compelling. Not to mention that all the characters are well written, including the female characters, which is something fans love to see. Something unique about the series, however, is how much of a starter anime it is. While most seasoned fans will tell new fans to watch naruto, ultimately, its issues make it a bad anime to begin with. For its well-paced story and excellent animation, Full Metal is by far the best starter anime.

3 Relationships Seem Real (Inuyasha)

Inuyasha may not be the greatest anime of all time, but there is one thing it does better than any other anime, including naruto, is romantic. One of the biggest gripes fans have with the naruto the series is the last minute of all relationships. Not to mention that many of them are incredibly toxic. Inuyasha does a pretty good job of building the character’s relationships, so when Kagome and Inuyasha finally reunite at the end, it feels earned.

2 The sound design sets it apart from other anime (Hunter X Hunter)

Hunter X Hunter isn’t a high-profile anime, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a quality series. It shares a lot of similarities with other shonen, but excels in music and sound design. While naruto has great music, this series is a master at setting the right mood for any given situation. Fans keep coming back to this show for the story, but also because it’s just a great show to listen to. Considering Hunter X Hunter comes from the same creator as Yu Yu Hakushoit makes sense that the quality of this series is just as good.

1 The action is compelling (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a special anime series completely separate from all other anime. Even those who have never watched it can immediately recognize the characters. This anime isn’t for everyone, and the art style tends to put people off it, but the colorful cast of characters and incredibly well-done fight scenes make this anime one of the best.

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