Top 10 Best Anime Series We Regret Watching (And Why)


Anime is a diverse and distinctive category of media full of incredible and memorable examples that stick with viewers long beyond the end credits moment. With such a variety of series to watch, audience consensus on which series are considered the next level of the genre helps guide new fans to the best shows the medium has to offer.

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However, even the most incredibly written, captivating, and outstanding anime series aren’t without their flaws. Sometimes watching some of the most universally acclaimed and praised shows can leave viewers wishing they ever picked the title in the first place. While some series don’t live up to the hype, others exceed expectations only to fall flat at the last moment. From unexpected disappointments to controversial storytelling choices, these remarkable anime series leave fans with regrets.

ten Host club Ouran Secondary School left fans hanging with no action in sight

The hit series of 2006 Ouran High School Host Club is an outstanding reverse harem romance, well known for its quality and influence even among those who weren’t around for its original release. The comedic shenanigans of androgynous, hard-working schoolgirl Haruhi and the male members of the pretentious Ouran Academy Host Club have left the series laughing, crying, and falling head over heels in love.

Much to the chagrin and disappointment of all fans, the 26 episodes of the series have only scratched the surface of Haruhi’s story. Sadly, the show seems destined to fade away forever with no hope for a second season.

9 Tokyo Ghoul’s infidelity to the source material resulted in a significant drop in quality

The first season of seinen fantasy horror tokyo ghoul took the community by storm, becoming a defining series of its decade and introducing countless fans to a darker, more mature side to the medium. The tokyo ghoul manga has held the high quality bar throughout its serialization.

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Countless seinen fans consider the anime’s strong first season a must-watch. However, things took an unexpected turn, changing the story for the worse in its subsequent episodes. As a result, most fans turned away from the adaptation and settled for much stronger source material.

8 Being a One Piece fan is a lifetime commitment that not everyone is ready for

The definitive king of shonen, A play, has been in serialization for nearly 25 years, drawing countless fans on the Straw Hats’ journey across the endless Grand Line. Although creator Eiichiro Oda claims the series is about to enter its final arc, there are over a thousand episodes currently out and no end in sight.

Catch up A play is a tall order for any new fan. While spending so much time on a show only to be forced into an agonizing anticipation of each new episode or chapter can be sad, it’s far more regrettable to deprive yourself of the pleasure of living one of the best adventures in the history of animates it.

seven Soul Eater’s finale undermines the beauty of the story’s underlying themes

Throughout his journey, the soul eater The anime adaptation was a high-quality joyous ride loved by both anime-only fans and manga readers alike. It built a surprisingly large cult following, only to lose its substantial share during the polarizing and shocking finale, which came out of nowhere and bent the rules of the established universe.

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The crucial elements of soul eater have always been about teamwork and inventive fighting techniques. Seeing Maka save the day on her own by simply punching the final boss in the face was unfaithful to the source material and very thematically shocking.

6 The Assassination Classroom finale was an unexpected punch

On the surface, Assassination Classroom appears to be a relatively straightforward, fun, and thrilling shonen series about a group of delinquent schoolboys training to defeat their monstrous teacher, Koro-sensei. Fans who got into the show because of its witty humor and unique premise didn’t expect it to end on such a dramatic note.

Fans encouraged the children to kill their alien teacher, who claimed to be a threat to human civilization. Nonetheless, learning more about Koro-sensei makes both Class 3-E and the viewers attached to him. When the children are inevitably forced to take Koro-sensei’s life, viewers and the class feel overwhelming regret and despair.

5 Attack On Titan’s Shocking Narrative Changes Weren’t To Everyone’s Taste

Pleasing all fans is impossible for any creator, especially for authors of hugely popular and beloved franchises. Hajime Isayama’s first fans The attack of the Titansa gruesome shonen about humanity’s battle against giant man-eating monsters, were drawn to the series by its stunning mystiques and quirky setting.

When the series picked up steam and turned into an intense militaristic drama, many fans were left disappointed and confused by the creator’s narrative choices. However, the tonal shifts were nothing compared to the polarization caused by the manga’s controversial finale.

4 The emotional roller coaster that is Clannad will leave every viewer in tears

The sadness of ending a particularly effective tearjerker brings the audience a bittersweet sense of remorse. Some cherish these emotions forever, while others regret ever investing themselves.

Clannad is a particularly notable example of a series that began as a fairly mild high school romantic drama, only to morph into one of the most grueling and heartbreaking tragedies of its second season. Clannad after the story. While countless fans declare this show a masterpiece for that exact reason, others didn’t expect it to bring them down so brutally, regretting giving in to the countless recommendations.

3 The Promised Neverland’s second season was a disappointing disappointment

The horror anime’s first season The promised never-never land was an unexpected hit, gripping viewers with its disturbing and gripping story about a sinister orphanage and its children trying to shed light on the place’s darkest secrets. After the season’s conclusion, manga fans were thrilled to see the plot develop and experience one of its best anime parts.

Unfortunately, the second season brought only regret and disappointment. The rushed adaptation skipped some of the manga’s most crucial plot points and ended the series with a disappointing original conclusion.

2 Madoka Magica is not a series for fans of classic magical girl tales

The magical girl genre has been around for decades, attracting fans of all ages and genders with its feel-good stories and lovable characters. As with any popular genre, constant repetition creates a demand for deconstructive media, which overturns entrenched tropes and subverts audience expectations.

For those looking for such an experience, magic madoka was a breath of fresh air, a gruesome and sinister take on a lightweight concept. However, those who were drawn to the show due to its cute art style and who expected it to be just another enjoyable magic series were horribly disappointed and possibly traumatized.

1 Nana’s lack of a conclusive finale should bring no regrets to those who love the series

Ai Yazawa’s compelling story of love, friendship, heartbreak and the struggles of adulthood, granny, captured the hearts of countless readers. In 2006, the series received a wonderful anime adaptation, which covers most of the manga till the release date.

Unfortunately for fans of granny across all media platforms, the manga went on an extended hiatus in 2009 due to Ai Yazawa’s health complications. Considering how many people fell in love with this magnificent story, the creator’s illness and the manga’s lack of continuity were a blow to countless fans. However, in the case of grannythe story might be more important than its final destination.

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