Top 10 Emotional Anime Movies on Netflix


Studio Ghibli paved the way for animated films. From appetizing food and ASMR cuisine to cathartic displays of complex emotions and feelings, animated movies have it all. Anime films have unique concepts and related characters that provide audiences with an immersive experience.

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With the popularization of OTTs like Netflix, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime, among others, anime movies have become more accessible to people around the world. Of these, Netflix has some of the best animated movies to offer seasoned and new viewers alike. Some anime films overwhelm fans with emotion, just the way they like it.

ten Sophie gets entangled in Howl’s business (Howl’s Moving Castle)

Sophie is a humble and hardworking daughter of a hatter who has no high aspirations in life. Howl is all the rage in town, being a handsome man and an infamous womanizer. Sophie summons the Wrath of the Waste Witch, who has past grievances with Howl.

Cursed with the body of an elderly woman, Sophie must accompany Howl and his eccentric friends in a war that has torn her hometown apart. While Sophie lives and interacts with Howl in Howl’s Howl’s Moving Castleshe realizes how kind and genuine a man he is, if a bit lazy.

9 Jiro pursues a magnificent dream (The wind rises)

Jiro Horikoshi dreams of following in the footsteps of his idol, Italian aviation pioneer Giovanni Battista Caproni. Horikoshi cannot achieve his dream of becoming a pilot due to his myopia. He is heading to Tokyo Imperial University to become an aeronautical engineer.

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The wind picks up follows Jiro Horikoshi in the 20 years since the 1923 earthquake that rocked Japan until Japan’s surrender in World War II. Jiro’s perseverance, determination and love test their limits in difficult situations, such as his war-torn country and the untimely death of his beloved.

8 A teacher and a student try to cope with loneliness (Garden of Words)

Makoto Shinkai garden of words depicts the harsh reality of lonely individuals who want to fit in. Following a high school teacher and a student, this film depicts the enormous weight of loneliness and how these characters deal with it.

From specific reasons like bullying to more general misery, garden of words accurately portrays the need for genuine connection and conversation in one’s life, regardless of age and gender. A heartbreaking tale, this film brings most viewers to tears.

seven The harsh realities of long-distance relationships (5 centimeters per second)

Some star-crossed lovers face painful fates and lose their soul mates without closure. 5 centimeters per second deals with the harsh realities of long-distance relationships and star-crossed lovers. This animated movie depicts the real-life aftermath of a failing love, touching a chord in the hearts of most viewers.

The main characters of this romantic drama, Tataki and Akari, suffer from a love where they do not make new memories. They end up hurting themselves and the people around them as they half-heartedly live their separate lives.

6 Not All Supernatural Gifts Are A Blessing (Weathering With You)

Country boy Hodaka Morishima runs away from home and works for a publisher in Tokyo to make ends meet by grow old with you. He meets Hina Amano when he rescues her from dangerous thugs. Hina is a gifted girl who can control the weather and bring sunshine to a drowning Tokyo.

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As fate would have it, the two fall in love and do their best to make their love last longer, even if it’s at the cost of their house. Hina becomes a Sun Girl who can call out to the Sun by praying for it. However, all gifts come with an insurmountable price that few can afford.

5 A Romantic Weird Friday (your name)

your name follows Taki, a city boy who aspires to be an architect, and Mitsuha, a country girl who wants to live a city life. One fine day, the two wake up in each other’s bodies and live each other’s lives. Taki and Mitsuha get to know each other through their diaries and enjoy a genuine connection.

Taki goes to the countryside to find Mitsuha, only to stumble upon an uninhabited wasteland. From the tactile nature of true love to the erasure of an entire village, Makoto Shinkai your nametakes viewers on an emotional journey.

4 The Consequences of War (Violet Evergarden)

Violet is an automatic memory doll who writes letters for those who cannot compose them. As Violet continues to struggle with the concept of emotion and understanding the depth of situations, she continues her work as a self-memory doll, exploring what humanity offers.

Violet longs to hear from the man who once expressed his love for her. Kyoto entertainment Violet Evergarden is a deeply touching series and film, worth all the tears fans shed as they find themselves engrossed in the afterworld of Violet The Great War.

3 A Brother-Sister Duo Loses Everything (Grave of the Fireflies)

Set in rural Japan towards the end of World War II, Studio Ghibli the Grave of the Fireflies breaks the hearts of fans like no other animated film ever could. Seita and her younger sister, Setsuko, endure everything from the death of their parents to the loss of their material possessions in the American bombings of 1945.

Seita and Setsuko drift through rural Japan, fleeing their inevitable fate. They discover the true face of humanity, receiving kindness and apathy where they expected none.

2 Death is part of life (I want to eat your pancreas)

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Yoru Sumino, I want to eat your pancreas follows high school students Haruki and Sakura. Haruki is a quiet, passive boy who likes to be left alone, thinking no one is interested in him. Her classmate, the outgoing and cheerful Sakura, proves otherwise.

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Sakura reveals to Haruki about her pancreatic disease, which limits her already limited life. She trains him to complete her to-do list as Haruki agrees to spend his last days with her. Haruki discovers the joy of true friendship and experiences a devastating loss.

1 A tyrant’s path to redemption (a silent voice)

Shoya Ishida and her classmates constantly bully the new deaf girl, Shoko Nishimiya, by ripping her hearing aids off and breaking them. When it comes to the attention of the teachers, Shoya takes all the blame. Shoya is ostracized and wallows in guilt until he wholeheartedly apologizes to Shoko.

A Heartbreaking Story of Bullying, Redemption, and Friendship, Kyoto Animation’s A silent voice turned viewers into fans all over the world. As a bully walks the path of redemption, a victim of bullying learns to open up and believe that people can change.

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