Top 10 Most Relevant Anime Series, Ranked


One of anime’s best charms is that no matter how unrealistic its fictional worlds can be, the characters always seem to be connected. The average viewer probably won’t relate to a shonen hero’s high-stakes battles or a seinen protagonist’s journey through a gritty supernatural world. However, there are still traits in each character that fans can empathize with.

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However, there are still plenty of anime series with related characters and realistic settings that most viewers will recognize. Most of them have no trace of the supernatural, and those that do are careful to humanize each of their characters.

ten There is a Haikyuu! Character that everyone can identify with

Whereas Haikyu! is an anime about volleyball, that’s not all it has to offer. Ultimately, the series’ vast cast of characters is the driving force behind the story. Fans appreciate that there is at least one or two characters that everyone can relate to.

Some relate to the struggles and triumphs of lovable protagonist Shoyo Hinata, while others enjoy the quiet perseverance of sarcastic tsundere Kei Tsukishima. Some fans see themselves in the highly eccentric Tendo Satori, while others strive to be more like Inarizaki’s diligent captain Kita Shinsuke.

9 Barakamon is a story of self-reflection

barakamon is a touching story about self-reflection and the importance of venturing out of your comfort zone. Seishuu Handa, the protagonist, is a calligrapher whose ego was bruised after a professional said his work was nothing special.

His father got tired of sulking and sent him to the Goto Islands. There he learns all about rural life and does some soul-searching, which allows him to learn more about himself than he ever imagined. Seishuu found the inspiration he needed to reinvent his calligraphy amidst the bustle of loud children and the constant chaos around him.

8 Recovery Of An MMO Junkie Is About A Thirties Otaku Finding His Inner Child

Moriko Morioka was thrilled to be unemployed for the first time since high school. She’s an otaku in her thirties who took advantage of this new free time to immerse herself in video games. For Moriko, the days of accepting socially acceptable behavior and facing real-world responsibilities are long forgotten.

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In his heart, MMO addict recovery is about a woman who gets in touch with her inner child after forgetting what it’s like to have fun because of corporate obligations. There’s also a heartwarming love story that blossoms between Morioka and another otaku stuck in an office cubicle, Yuuta.

seven The Silver Spoon Protagonist Doesn’t Know What His Dream Is Yet

Most anime series feel like having a clear and distinct dream for the future should come naturally. However, silver spoon argues that it is rarely like that. Yuugo is a high school student who tries his best but never manages to meet the expectations of others. He doesn’t know what he wants to do in life, so the pressure only grows and weighs on him.

As his parents were still on his case, he enrolled in an agricultural boarding school to clear his head. There he learns that farming is more interesting than he ever thought. The series posits that someone’s goals in life don’t always have to be grandiose and that absolutely anything can pique their interest – even if they didn’t initially expect it.

6 Haganai: I don’t have many friends is perfect for those looking for friends

Unfortunately, millions of people around the world know what it’s like to have no friends. The protagonist of Haganai: I don’t have many friends understands this harsh reality all too well. Kodaka transferred to a new school and he was desperate to make a good first impression.

Unfortunately, people didn’t appreciate her dyed hair and involuntary sullen expression. One day he meets Yozora, another lonely soul who talks to imaginary friends to keep him company. Together, they created a club for all those who find it difficult to fit in to find each other and find solidarity.

5 Given does not cover anything

One of the downsides of romance anime is that while the stories are heartwarming, the characters and settings tend to be overblown and idealized, so the average viewer can’t really relate to them. Given, on the other hand, strays from such exaggerated characterizations. The series does not cover anything.

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Ritsuka and Mafuyu bonded over their love of music. Ritsuka hadn’t realized he liked guys until he met Mafuyu, who was still reeling from his ex’s passing and had trouble expressing himself properly. Haruki and Akihiko are the adults in their group and their relationship had a rocky start. Akihiko was rough around the edges and had a hard time letting go of his recurring relationship, but he wanted to be a better person for Haruki.

4 Clannad is the epitome of coming-of-age story

Clannad is a tearjerker, but fans can still relate to many of the characters. It’s a realistic series that follows the characters as they grow from teenagers to adults. Tomoya Okazaki is in shock after his mother’s death and he never sees his father as he is still working.

It is apparent that Tomoya is depressed and just going with the flow at school. However, Nagisa comes into his life and makes him feel excited again for each new day. Eventually, they fall in love and get married. However, another tragedy awaits them.

3 Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku Is A Workplace Romance Older Anime Fans Will Relate To

Wotakoi: Love is hard for Otaku is already a modern classic. Older anime fans will enjoy this series and find many related characters. It’s a workplace romance, but it contains plenty of references to anime culture that avid fans will recognize.

Narumi is the average office worker, but she feels like she has to hide her obsession with yaoi anime and otome games. She was childhood friends with Hirotaka, who suddenly suggested they start dating because they are both huge otaku. Hirotaka wants her to feel more comfortable around everyone and has no problem talking about her hobbies at work.

2 Creative people will relate to the blue period

Blue period released in late 2021, quickly becoming one of Netflix’s most popular series. It’s a must-have watch for artists of all mediums because it perfectly portrays the harsh realities of creating something. The end product can be beautiful, but creating works of art can be quite an ugly process. This series does not explain how painful it can be to do what you love.

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Yatora was the average delinquent who didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life until one day he stumbled upon the art club and was enchanted by someone else’s painting. He discovered that he really liked art and wanted to attend Tokyo University of the Arts.

1 The Fruit Basket has a ton of related characters

While the premise of Fruit basket is intertwined with supernatural elements, the series is nonetheless relatable. It’s full of characters that the audience can sympathize with. Their struggles are relatable, and many fans have even found themselves in similar situations to their favorite characters.

All had significant character growth that made it even easier for fans to empathize with them. For example, despite being a nice protagonist, Tohru Honda had to learn to find her voice and stop being everyone’s doormat. Kyo used to pretend to be an unlikable guy to protect himself and everyone around him from getting hurt, but he learned to accept himself by the end of the series. They’re only two characters, but each character’s story arc had a unique and meaningful lesson for fans to take away from the show.

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