Top 10 Most Uplifting Anime Series, Ranked


Anime can be quite inspiring and uplifting when viewers need it most. While most would expect the medium to be filled with nothing but overpowered characters, constant battles, and even gripping social commentary, there are plenty of lighthearted series to enjoy.

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Anime is one of the best forms of entertainment to use as a distraction during tough times. Many characters can teach important life lessons, and audiences can relate to their struggles. Some uplifting anime series simply send positive messages, while others are so funny that they distract the viewer’s mind from anything that may be stressing them out.

ten Haikyu! Is a fun series about volleyball

Haikyu! follows Shoyo Hinata as he joins Karasuno’s volleyball team with dreams of surpassing the infamous “Little Giant”. He’s almost always the shortest player on the pitch, but he makes up for his lack of height with enthusiasm and agility.

It’s a lighthearted and fun volleyball series with a huge cast of characters, with exceptional members on each team for fans to fall in love with. Additionally, the series is full of important and powerful messages that fans can take away from it to help them deal with life’s challenges.

9 The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. is a knee-deep comedy about a teenager with psychic powers

The disastrous life of Saiki K. is a slice-of-life anime that combines knee-jerk comedy with the supernatural. Each episode is a series of hilarious mini-stories with high-speed dialogue and even faster-paced narration by the titular protagonist.

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Saiki Kusuo is far from an average high school student. With bright pink hair and antennae on his head, he leads the audience through the series of misadventures that define his life because of his psychic powers. There’s no limit to his powers, and they range from surprisingly useful things to completely useless abilities like a beam that upgrades a computer to Windows 10.

8 Kamisama Kiss is a comedic shojo anime with an adorable cast

It’s pretty hard not to love any of the characters from the divine comedy anime Kiss Kamisama. Although it started with a fairly generic premise, it turned out amazing, and there’s no shojo series quite like it.

Kiss Kamisama follows Nanami, a high school girl who lived on the streets until she became the god of the land. Tomoe, a stubborn yokai fox, becomes her familiar, and eventually, they fall in love. Tons of wacky adventures ensue as Nanami learns to be a true earth god. She meets many other yokai along the way and quickly discovers that almost all of the gods have hilarious, quirky, yet endearing personalities.

seven The fruit basket will make the audience feel the full range of emotions

Fruit basket is the juggernaut of the shojo genre. The series will have fans howling with laughter one minute but bawling their eyes out the next. Tohru Honda is a high school girl living in a tent after her mother’s death, but the Sohmas take her in after a typhoon destroys it.

She realizes that almost all Sohmas are haunted by the zodiac curse, and if she hugs them, they will transform into their associated animal. While the series started with a generic comic premise about how these attractive boys turn into cute animals, it turned out amazing and has a great message at the end.

6 Barakamon makes average daily activities exciting

Magical powers, supernatural villains, and cheering heroes who declare they’ll save the world aren’t always necessary to craft a gripping story, and barakamon prove. The series makes average daily activities seem like exciting adventures on their own, and the characters tell the story.

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Seishuu Handa is a calligrapher who lost his mind after a professional told him that his work was nothing special. His father sent him to the Goto Islands, where he is forced to survive in a rural setting for much-needed introspection and self-reflection. As Seishuu is forced out of his comfort zone, he discovers more about himself than he expected.

5 One Piece preaches the importance of chasing your dreams

A play is a classic shonen series with many inspirational messages, but perhaps most importantly, following your dreams is never something to compromise on. Luffy is an inspiring protagonist with a smile that could light up the darkest room.

Even though everyone laughed at Luffy for aspiring to become the Pirate King, he never gave up. In fact, he only became more motivated to prove everyone wrong. Each character on the show has a unique dream of their own, and it’s encouraging to see that they never waver in achieving them.

4 Gintama will make the audience cry with laughter

Shonen has so many overdone tropes it’s easy to make fun of, and Gintama is the perfect parody of the genre. Gintoki is a masterful samurai who does odd jobs to make ends meet. He’s one of the most likable shonen protagonists because he’s not the typical teenage gung-ho with the power of friendship and anime plot armor by his side.

Gintoki is much easier to understand since he just wants to get away with it. When he’s not fighting aliens or landing any job he can find, he’s definitely lounging on the couch, picking his nose, and reading the latest volume of Shounen jump.

3 Komi Can’t Communicate has a heartfelt message and tons of comedy

At the start of each episode, Komi can’t communicate reminds its audience that people with social anxiety can have a hard time making connections, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to. Komi is a lovable protagonist who, despite her severe social anxiety, wants to make 100 friends.

The show has a heartfelt message and a lovable cast, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Each episode unfolds in the form of a few mini-plots over a 25-minute span, so it’s the perfect anime to put on and watch after a long, hard day.

2 Sk8 The Infinity is an upbeat skateboard series with lovable characters and a great soundtrack

Sk8 Infinity is an upbeat sports series about skateboarding that deserves a new season. The anime has an adorable cast, tons of comedy, and a rocking soundtrack that’s sure to get audiences excited with every run.

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The series follows Reki and Langa as they bond over their mutual love of skateboarding. Langa, although a total novice, has an edge over his competitors thanks to his experience in snowboarding. They participate in an illegal race called “S”, organized by the notoriously flamboyant ADAM. With characters like Reki, Langa, Cherry, Miya, Joe, and Shadow leading the series, there’s never a dull moment in the series, so fans will be entertained all the time.

1 The Spy X family is like serotonin

Spy X Family is a hilarious anime about Loid Forger, or “Twilight”, a spy who must infiltrate a prestigious school to prevent a war. He had to start a makeshift family and now has a telepathic daughter named Anya and a secret female assassin named Yor.

The series is like serotonin for the audience. It’s such wholesome anime that it’s hard for anyone not to love it, and even though Loid is the protagonist, little telepath Anya never fails to steal the show with her hilarious reactions and endless antics.

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