Top 10 sad animated movies to watch in 2021


Anime producers seem to like to make their audiences cry. A lot of anime seems to be made with the intention of making us cry.

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Last update: Sep 27, 2021 | Sep 24, 2021

Anime producers seem to like to make their audiences cry. A lot of anime seems to be made with the intention of making us cry.

From heartwarming stories of youthful love, unrequited emotions, and relationship turmoil to more serious stories of death, war, and disease, the anime has found a plethora of ways to break our hearts and make us cry.

You’ve come to the right place if you enjoy heart-wrenching stories that leave a salty discharge in your eyes. We’ve compiled a list of 10 great anime suggestions for when you need a good cry. There are plenty of other extremely sad anime out there, but these are our favorites.

Sad animated films

Plastic Souvenirs (2016)

Plastic Memories is one of those programs that is a stark reminder of the truth that nothing lasts forever. The main concept of the show revolves around the development of androids which are almost difficult to distinguish from real humans.

However, the most important distinction is that they have a limited lifespan. They have a maximum lifespan of about nine and a half years. We have to watch the protagonist fall in love with one of these androids and realize that his time with her is running out.

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Your name (2016)

The animated film “Your Name” has become one of the best-known films due to its wonderfully filmed production. This film features a guy trapped in another person’s body who must adapt and locate himself to understand what happened.

This movie will make you feel like you are on a roller coaster. It’s charming, fun, but heartbreaking enough to make you cry. Two strangers unexpectedly connect. I am always looking for someone or anything.

The full name is a story about the all too human need to find out anything, anything, or anywhere. The landscapes and video settings take you to a whole new world. Anime can be a slow medium at times. If you haven’t already, stop what you’re doing and go watch it.

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Your lie in April (2015)

This is a well-known tragic series that uses music to emphasize the value of friendship and love. Piano prodigy Kousei Arima lost his ability to play the piano and was unable to listen to the sound of his own piano after a terrible event caused by the death of his mother. Kousei gives up his artistic endeavors and settles into a routine life with no set goals. Until the day he meets Kaori Miyazono, a breathtaking musician, everything changes. Kaori, on the other hand, seems to be hiding something.

Kaori would completely change his life and encourage him to return to the world of music. The strength and beauty of the connection between the two characters draws us into a pit of deep sadness. Your April disappointments

Your lie in April follows Kousei’s rehabilitation as he discovers that music is more than just playing every note correctly and that one song can carry the cool April spring breeze into his home. “Your April Lies” is without a doubt one of the greatest sad animated series ever created.

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Byousoku 5 Centimeter (2007)

‘Byousoku 5 Centimeter’ is an animated film divided into three sections or episodes, each approximately 22 minutes long. The drama and romance genres are represented in the film.

It is a work of art that is aesthetically beautiful. The landscapes in the backdrop are very amazing and help relax your eyes. The premise of the movie can be a little confusing at first, but give it a few minutes and it will grow on you if you like such things.

The characters are very likeable since the film features ordinary people doing ordinary things. As an ordinary person, I like the average protagonists in my anime. “Cherry Blossoms”, “Cosmonaut” and “5 Centimeters Per Second” are the three episodes of this film.

The title of this anime comes from the last episode. The story of this anime centers around a young Japanese man named Takaki Tono. The story begins in the 1990s and ends around 2008.

Takaki Tono meets Akari Shinohara in elementary school. He loves the girl, and they have similar hobbies, so they quickly become friends. They are addressed exclusively by their first and last names, without any honorary title. It implies absolute privacy in a nation like Japan.

However, at the end of primary school, Akari moved to a neighboring prefecture. However, the couple continue to write letters to each other. Takaki’s family will soon have to move as well, this time across the country. Takaki, meanwhile, decides to see Akari again and declare his love to him before leaving. From there, the film focuses on their separated lives.

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Clannad (2007)

Despite the fact that it will make you cry, which is a requirement to be included on this list, it is one of the greatest sad anime of all time.

Tomoya Okazaki, who has lost his mother and is trying to come to terms with his abusive relationship with his alcoholic father and find purpose in his life, is the protagonist of the series.

He was in charge of delinquent students at Hikarizaka high school. On his way to class one morning, he meets a strange lady. Eventually, he gives in and befriends her. When Tomoya learns that Nagisa’s ambition is to revive the school’s drama club, he says he has nothing better to do and offers to help him achieve his goal.

Clannad Tomoya spends a lot of time with these pals and learns more about their issues. He decides to help each of them overcome their obstacles, and as a result, he begins to think that life is not as boring as he once thought.

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Tomb of the Fireflies (1988)

Tomb of the Fireflies is a powerful and sad animated animation. Anime lovers should be familiar with this series. This anime is based on a real WWII movie. The boys’ struggle for survival throughout the war will make you cry.

The meaning of the anime’s name, Fireflies, will be revealed towards the end of the tale. See, a young boy, and Setsuko, his younger sister, fight for life in Japan during World War II. During the conflict, their relatives are neither nice nor sympathetic.

Their story is presented in the neorealist style, with clarity and clarity rather than melodrama.

There is also a period of silence. Grave of the Fireflies One of the film’s greatest strengths is its patience; images are preserved for us to think about, people are seen in their own time, and the setting and nature have time to develop.

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Angel Beats (2010)

This is a truly sad love fantasy movie that will bring tears to your eyes. Thanks to its wonderful soundtrack and excellent graphic design, the anime is one of the saddest comics you have ever seen.

The main storyline revolves around Yuzuru Otonashi, a child with amnesia who finds himself in the afterlife. They are in the afterlife, according to Yuri, a child armed with a gun. Otonashi discovers that the only thing he knows about himself is his name.

Yuri explains that she is the leader of the Afterlife Battlefront, which is at war with Tenshi. Despite Yuri’s accusations, I don’t think Tenshi is terrible. The Sounds of Angels Otonashi tries to converse with her, but things don’t go as planned.

Otonashi joins the SSS to fight Tenshi, but he finds himself strangely drawn to her. The angel beats! is another anime that often makes “most touching anime” lists and for a good cause.

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Perfect Blue (1997)

Positive reviews were given to the film “Perfect Blue”. The evils of the entertainment industry are shown in the film. The protagonist of the anime is Mira Kirigoe, a well-known pop singer and member of the famous idol group J-pop CHAM!

However, she left her group to pursue her goal of becoming an actress. She’s starting to take on increasingly difficult roles, but she still doesn’t achieve enough success.

She eventually goes mad after being followed by an obsessive admirer and what appears to be a ghost from her past. The blue color is perfect.

Mima’s horrific TV show story begins to emulate her real life, as murders begin to happen all around her. Then there are the anonymous websites that document every detail of his life.

Her old band, too, thrives wonderfully without her. Mira’s mental health begins to deteriorate because of all of this.

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Guilty Crown (2011)

You’re missing out on too much if you haven’t watched “Guilty Crown,” a unique anime. This anime drama follows 17-year-old Ouma Shu who tries to avoid creating problems for others.

Shu’s entire planet was destroyed when a meteor hit Japan. Her life took another unexpected turn after a chance meeting with Inori, a magnificent pop singer.

This mysterious beauty is the one that initially presented her to the Right Hand of the King. When he meets Yuzuriha Inori, a key member of the opposition guerrilla organization “Funeral Parlor”, his life is turned upside down.

Guilty Crown is an action-packed story about a young college student drawn into conflict. She is caught in the middle of a battle with others looking to take advantage of her newfound ability.

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A Silent Voice (2016)

Nishimiya Shoko, a new student, arrives at school at the start of the tale. Many of her classmates are baffled when they find out that she is deaf and begin to intimidate her, led by the commoner Ishida.

As a child, primary school student Shouya Ishida did everything to avoid boredom. When his mother says so at school, he is singled out and held responsible for everything that has happened to him.

Now that Shouko has left school, Shouya is at the mercy of his peers. Ishida follows Nishimiya 5 years later, overwhelmed with regret and eager to apologize, and tries to repent of her misdeeds.

Shoyo’s character is so realistic and genuine that it looks like he could be a real person. A voice that we don’t hear

A Silent Voice is a touching video that compassionately and sensitively addresses issues of disability, bullying and youth mental health.

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