Top 10 Worst Anime Series We Don’t Regret Watching (And Why)


As one of the most prolific mediums for anime content, anime has produced thousands of TV series, movies, OVAs, and ONAs over its long history. Yet the masterful titles that top every favorites list and critics’ charts represent only an insignificant portion of all anime content produced in Japan. Still, that doesn’t mean that no one is watching some of the mediocre or even the worst anime.

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Additionally, some series objectively rated as substandard due to poor writing, incomprehensible plot, or appalling character development end up with a massive cult following. Anime fans don’t always indulge in shows to experience an unquestionably flawless story. Entertainment and its enjoyment can go beyond dry objectivity, and many fans don’t regret finishing some of the worst anime in history.

ten Complexity and nuance aren’t High School Of The Dead’s selling points

When it comes to mindless entertainment in anime, no series can beat High School of the Dead. It’s over-the-top survival horror oversaturated with gore, ecchi, and disregard for real-world physics.

No one interested in experiencing a complex, nuanced story with stellar writing, a cohesive plot, or realistic characters should even consider watching this bizarre zombie flick. However, those who come to High School of the Dead for the opportunity to turn off their brains and enjoy some absurd action will have no regrets at the end of the show.

9 Future Diary Changed Thriller Anime Forever Death Game Scene

While death games have been around forever in the media, this is the release of Future Diary which launched the subgenre’s popularity in mainstream anime. Despite his overwhelming notoriety, Future Diary has remained a divisive series, with even diehard fans acknowledging the series as too edgy and poorly written.

The show can sometimes take itself a little too seriously. However, many viewers are drawn to the show’s violent nature and over-the-top plot progression. Future Diary can hardly be classified as an outstanding series, but it is impossible to find it boring.

Whereas Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is universally regarded as one of the best anime of all time, the previous manga adaptation from 2003 doesn’t hold up by comparison. More fraternity fans criticize the 2003 version for its incomplete story and confusing original anime ending.

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While the 2009 version of Fullmetal Alchemist is, without a doubt, a more faithful adaptation of the iconic manga, there’s a lot of value in revisiting the “lower” iteration. Most fans don’t regret watching both series, as the first anime emphasizes building relationships between characters and adopts a much fuller and more deliberate pacing.

seven Eromanga Sensei represents one of the most controversial genres in anime

The Imouto anime has always been a controversial topic, as many people find its incestuous undertones deeply disturbing and upsetting. While reviews of the imouto anime have a valid point, this kind of split is still undoubtedly popular, with Eromanga Sensei being one of the best known little sister anime to release in recent years.

Eromanga Sensei centers on a pair of half-brothers working on an erotic light novel, one as a writer and the other as an artist. While the show’s shameless fan service and indulgence towards the imouto community has earned the show a bad rap, many people still enjoy its raunchy comedy and infamous internet notoriety.

Most popular shonen anime fall into the trap of repeating the boring tropes of their predecessors. Yet no other anime in the genre is so accused of being generic and mediocre as Fairy tale Is. These complaints are impossible to ignore, as this massively popular shonen is filled with cliches, lazy plots, and unoriginal characters.

Although they are considered mediocre by the community, Fairy tale accumulated a huge fan following. Fans of Natsu’s Adventures praise the series’ brisk pace and fun, lovable cast, not regretting even a second spent investing in this incredibly controversial series.

5 The only bad aspect of Flowers Of Evil is its horribly executed visuals

Flowers of Evil is a psychological thriller manga depicting a complex and abusive relationship between a shy boy Kasuga and his manipulative classmate Nakamura. While the story is recognized as a nuanced and disturbing masterpiece, the same is rarely true of its anime adaptation.

The questionable choice to use rotoscoping instead of traditional animation caused each character’s internal ugliness to seep into their appearance. The series’ eerie visuals turned myriads of fans away from the adaptation. However, once viewers got past the unsettling art style, the story of Flowers of Evil was presented to them in all its glory.

4 Elfen Lied is a nostalgic series for a whole generation of horror fans

Overreliance on gore and shock factor is a problem with the horror genre in all mediums. In anime, the most notorious example of overly edgy horror anime is Elfen lied, a classic from the early 2000s that has aged very badly.

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These days, anime fans rarely bring up this forgotten horror movie. Still, those who grew up with the series remember the title as their introduction to the bloodier, more mature side of anime. Between the show’s messy storyline and absurd characters, it’s impossible to recommend elf lied to a new anime fan. However, the series’ flaws don’t make nostalgic horror fans regret ever enjoying it.

3 Domestic girlfriend is the kind of trashy romance that never fails to entertain

Domestic Girlfriend is a kind of trashy entertainment that many fans crave when they’ve had enough of conventional stellar media. The plot of this romantic drama can rival some of the most confusing love triangles in media history.

The series features a hopeless high school student who falls in love with his teacher. In a moment of desperation, he sleeps with his classmate, only to find that his teacher and the girl he slept with will now be his stepsisters. Nothing is fancy Domestic Girlfriend romance, but its over-the-top drama can keep the viewer glued to the screen.

2 Ghost Stories is the most hilarious anime ever made

The anime caption “so bad it’s good”, ghost stories, was never intended to be the hilarious train wreck it has become known in the West. For marketing purposes, the show’s English dubbing team were allowed to alter the dialogue as they saw fit, leading the voice actors to rewrite the story from mediocre horror to nondescript absurdist comedy.

Ghost stories’ The English dub has diverged so much from the original that it’s nearly impossible to piece together the actual story. Yet these bizarre circumstances led to the birth of one of the most hilarious series in anime history.

1 School Days does not leave a single spectator indifferent

Love it or hate it, school days has earned its place as one of the medium’s most polarizing anime, with opinion on the series ranging from immense hatred to endless adoration. As with most visual novels, the original game featured multiple endings, depending on which girl the player decides to pursue.

Amazingly, the anime’s finale shatters audience expectations by choosing to adapt the most brutal course. In the end, Makoto is punished for being unfaithful by being brutally murdered. Regardless of viewers’ opinion of the series, school days still worth watching, if only to formulate a personal take on the story.

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