Top 6 anime games for Android and iOS


For those who love cell phone games and the famous Japanese anime, a list of the best anime-style games for Android and iOS can be a good way to check out some interesting titles that follow this line. And no, there aren’t a few options. In fact, separating the games that really deserve the attention from the ones that look good is no easy task.

Fortunately, we’ve created this article precisely to help save you time in this regard. That is, I have separated here a list with “specimens” of unquestionable quality … let’s take a look?

Anime games for Android and iOS

1. Epic Seven

Described as a title that gives players the ability to “play an anime”, Epic Seven is a 2D RPG that offers a huge amount of characters and a set of mechanics that manage to hold the player’s attention for a long time. In addition, the story of the game is very well constructed and makes the involvement and immersion excellent. To top it off, the crisp look and art style adopted make Epic Seven a must-have for anime fans.

2. Heroes Exos

Following the same idea of ​​’playing an anime’, Exos Heroes is an option that follows several defining premises of RPG games and still presents a story worthy of note, in which the characters are extremely captivating. For those who enjoy legendary J-RPGs, Exos Heroes ends up being one of the mobile options closest to the classics. And when we also consider the beauty of the game’s constructions, we realize that we are faced with an almost obligatory experience.

3. Grand Chase Mobile

Grand Chase Mobile is a port of the action RPG that has enjoyed great success for nearly two decades. Logically, as this version was released a few years ago, whoever decides to invest in the adventure will already find a good series of modern elements, which harmonize with the essential aspects of the classic. Regarding the look, Grand Chase Mobile displays beautiful scenarios and characters built with a lot of refinement. In addition, the gameplay remains action-packed and there is no shortage of “in-game” options to keep players entertained.

4. Naruto X Boruto: Ninja Tension

Going back to games that were really inspired by existing anime, our list now “stumbles” on the great Naruto X Boruto: Ninja Voltage. The title alternates moments of action and strategy with great efficiency and manages to snatch the players by its dynamism. As if that weren’t enough, we still have a large number of characters at our disposal and the possibility of forming teams according to our preferences. So who is a fan of the Naruto and Boruto anime ends up having several reasons to continue to devote themselves to the game?

5. The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

With an “air of a visual novel” but displaying gameplay worthy of RPG fans, The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is another stunning option that couldn’t be left out on this list. The battles in the game have a very strong strategic aspect and all of the supporting mechanics make it very engaging. Plus, the game has a great storyline, multiplayer play options, and a few details that only anime fans will appreciate.

6 Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Still focusing on the universe of the Dragon Ball franchise, I would also like to mention the game Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. Overall, this title promotes intense fighting, which is viewed from a different perspective and has a huge impact, due to the beauty of the graphics. In the game, players also find a huge team of characters and can afford to build powerful teams, in which even eternal rivals can work together. Without a doubt, a great option for anyone who enjoys Akira Toriyama’s work.

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