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While the artistic mediums of anime and manga are known to frequently launch several of his most well-received stories into a global cultural zeitgeist – recent examples include Man with chainsaw, 86, and the beasts – Webcomic manga by Tatsuya Endo Spy x Family perhaps one of the most surprising. An anime adaptation would certainly follow the success of the series, and now CloverWorks and Wit Studios have released the first trailer for what is sure to be the next big anime hit.

Spy x Family follows Loid, Yor, and Anya Forger – a seemingly low-key husband, wife, and daughter, respectively – who hide secrets about their past lives and occupations. Loid is an expert spy named Twilight, Yor is an assassin named Thorn Princess, and Anya is a mind-reading test subject. Moreover, neither of them knows the true identity of the other and must keep the truth of their own identity secret. After years of espionage and covert activity, the three of them face their most difficult mission yet: to live together as “family”.

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Spy x FamilyThe anime adaptation was announced recently, with the trailer releasing shortly thereafter a sure sign of confidence in the project. The trailer shows off the onscreen character designs of Loid, Yor, and Anya, along with the imaginative cityscapes of its setting. The trailer revealed that the series will air on Japanese television in 2022, although the trailer did not specify when the series will air in the 2022 animated season. However, it should be noted than the recent Adult Swim’s trailer Shenmue: the animation has also not revealed its first season.

CloverWorks and Wit Studios are two of Japan’s most prolific animation studios, and the two studios are creating some of the most notable animation series around. CloverWorks is responsible for seasons one and two of Shonen mystery / thriller The promised imaginary land as well as series like Darling in the Franxx, Horimiya, and House of Shadows. Meanwhile, Wit Studio is responsible for the global phenomenon The attack of the Titans as well as series like Vinland Saga, Good pretender, and Vivy: the song of the eye of the flower. In addition, the Spy x Family The series is directed by industry veteran Kazukiro Furuhashi, known for directing the Rurouni Kenshin anime adaptation and many other series such as 1999 Hunter x hunter show and Dororo.

Since Spy x Family manga started posting chapters every two weeks on Shonen Jump + in 2019, the series has managed to break into the audience of manga and anime. All this despite its release from an experimental platform and its status as a comedy series.

Spy x Family isn’t the most obvious candidate for a breakthrough among manga and anime fanbases, but the success it has is surely a statement of its solid execution and memorable characters. The anime is sure to delight old fans and bring many new ones.

Spy x Family will be released in 2022.

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