What style of anime art works best on these ballers?


JAVALE McGee has just released illustrations of himself drawn in nine different styles from the world of anime, cartoon and comics.

The signature headband and ‘fro of the seven-foot foot are transposed into several unlikely alternate dimensions. He’s a fierce Saiyan of Dragon ball z, relatively cold A play pirate, a smiling JaVale from The simpsons, and even a fairy from Nickelodeon Quite strangeParents.

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” Which one do you prefer ? He asked in his caption.

The consensus of commentators seems to be Marvel. The Dragon Ball Z also got a lot of upvotes.

The artwork is attributed to Dino Tomic, who took the “9 styles of anime” drawing trend and applied it to real world people (rappers, athletes, a certain sitting President of the United States) , since the start of the pandemic.

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On April 17, Tomic got his biggest exposure in the sports world when the Chicago Bulls retweeted his 9-style anime version of His Airness.

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On his Instagram page, Tomic also directed versions of Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman.

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To this day, he’s also directed versions of Elon Musk, Robert Downey Jr., Lil Uzi Vert, Freddie Mercury, and more.

“[S]Sorry to have done so much, [I’m] I’m having so much fun doing it and you know 40s is super boring haha, ”Tomic wrote when he uploaded an illustration of wrestler and actor Dwayne“ The Rock ”Johnson.

We say, keep going.


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