Which anime series were the most searched by state?


If you ask me which anime series are the best of all time, my answer will be, “I don’t know, but those few series that I keep rewatching are pretty good.”

However, I can tell you which series is most typed into a Google search bar based on this CenturyLinkQuote study reported by PCMag. The results might surprise you, or maybe they won’t if you realize what was going on with some anime series in 2021.

I’m waiting for your “of course (insert state) likes (insert anime)” in the comments.

What is the most searched anime?

Anime wanted by status

Although I will say that Alaska has good taste when it comes to anime (their most searched title is my hero academia), the misadventures of Izuku Midoriya are not the most sought-after series. You might think this is another popular series like demon slayer (which, valid, his movie broke all sorts of records) or even classics like Sailor Moon (which dominated California, so, you know, let’s be best friends, California).

But as you can see from this nifty map, the most searched anime series is A piece. In fact, it’s been so searched for that it takes up half the country with 25 states heading to Google to find any information or images or manga chapters about Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates.

My cousin would be delighted.

What was going on with this particular series in 2021?

These results may seem surprising to data analysts since A piece is an older series, but honestly if you look at the map there aren’t many new titles out there to start with except for my hero academia and Jujutsu Kaisen (thanks Hawaii!).

Conversely, My Hero Academia the anime started airing in 2016 with Jujutsu Kaisen anime as of 2020. While naruto is older than the two, his follow-up series, Boruto, could be the reason why he is still wanted. Meanwhile, Death threat may be because of end of platinum (the series currently airing by the creator of Death threat).

With The attack of the Titans entering the second half of his final season and, from what I can gather from Twitter, causing his fandom to crash every Sunday, it’s no surprise to see him pop up somewhere (hey there, Utah) .

As for PokemonWell it is Pokemon. Yes, a new series has arrived on Netflix (Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series) but Pokemon is the kind of anime that… exists in someone’s data report, whether it’s because of anime, video games, card games, or the new Build-A-Bear.

That being said, none of these series could top A piece. Why? Well, because A piece had a hell of a year 2021.

As someone who has not taken the plunge A piece yet (that’s a LOT of episodes, y’all) I can say I’m absolutely not surprised that this was what was most wanted. This is because, last year, A piece celebrated milestones. Not only did the manga celebrate its 1000th chapter in January 2021, but the anime also celebrated its 1000th episode in November 2021.

That’s two 1000 milestones in the same year!

Like, I’m not even going here, but I can admit that stuff like this is pretty amazing:


Are you surprised by the results? More importantly, what anime series were you looking for when you went to Google?

(Image: Warner Bros./Shueisha/Pokémon)

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