Why Hunter X Hunter Still Hasn’t Released Anime Games Outside Japan


the Hunter X Hunter The series ranks among the most popular Shonen manga and anime, but no games based on the series have been localized outside of Japan. This may seem peculiar to fans, as other popular manga like dragonball, A pieceand naruto have seen many games released in English-speaking territories. Hunter X Hunter characters have appeared in crossover games like jump strength. There are more than a dozen dedicated Hunter X Hunter video games, however, and these remain exclusive to Japan. With jump strength about to be removed from digital storefronts, Hunter X Hunter fans will have fewer opportunities to experience Gon Freecss and company in video game form. The reasons for the lack of Hunter X Hunter Game ports could be due to delays in manga production, timing of anime series releases, sudden changes in story tone and subject matter, and random hardware.


Whatever the reasons, the end result is that American and European gamers continue to wait for a Hunter X Hunter video game release more than two decades since the beginning of the manga. Although the Hunter X Hunter manga debuted in 1998, it only had 390 chapters released during that time. This can be contrasted with A piece, which started its manga series in 1997, but has over 1,000 chapters. games like One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 Touch the story spanning over 1,000 anime episodes and manga chapters. The popular naruto the series has over 700 manga chapters to draw, which means Hunter X Hunterdespite its age, doesn’t have as much content as some other Shonen behemoths.

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The relatively small number of chapters for Hunter X Hunter over the past 24 years is due to numerous production delays by manga creator Yoshinori Togashi. Togashi was also responsible for the popular Yu Yu Hakusho series, which has had several games released in the United States. The well-known dragonball The manga series started in 1984 and spanned over 500 chapters. dragonball video games have been relatively common choices for English localization, spawning well-received games like DRAGON BALL Fighter Z and Dragon Ball Z Kakarotand players still wonder when Dragon Ball Z next video game comes out. Hunter X Hunter did not have the same cultural impact in the West as dragonballprobably in part because of the timing of its anime adaptations.

Sudden Tonal Changes Could Make Hunter X Hunter Anime Games Harder To Market

Why Hunter X Hunter Still Hasn't Released Anime Games Outside Japan

The animated series of A piece began in 1999, two years after the manga began, and it continues to this day. This consistency has prompted many A piece games, many of which have been localized as far back as the Game Boy Advance A piece side-scroller, up to newer games like One Piece open world title, world seeker. Hunter X Hunter has been less consistent in its manga release schedule, which likely impacted the regularity of its anime adaptations and, therefore, localized games. A 1999 Hunter X Hunter the anime ran for 62 episodes, and then a 2002 adaptation continued where that series left off. Hunter X Hunter Western fans are probably most familiar with the 2011 series which ran for 148 episodes and started the story from scratch.

Without a single cohesive anime to build the series’ notoriety, Hunter X Hunter remained more of a niche product outside of Japan. Beyond the inconsistent manga production and anime series reboots, the tone of Hunter X Hunter could have an impact on the decision not to localize its video games. dragonball has been adapted into fighting games, RPGs, and more recently asymmetric action-horror gaming Dragon Ball: The Breakers. Tonally, dragonball begins and ends as a story of superhuman martial artists engaging in increasingly difficult battles. The boost of moving from more standard Shonen fare, like the Heavens Arena arc with its martial arts battles, to the gritty drama of the overpowered mob of the Yorknew City arc, and then to the more comedic arc inspired by the Greed Island video game, makes it hard to quantify who the target audience is Hunter X Hunter.

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The mercurial nature of Hunter X Hunter The story is arguably a strength, according to its fans, as it keeps the series fresh and unpredictable. Where the recent manga series demon slayeradapted in brawler anime The Hinomaki Chroniclesclearly focuses on eliminating demons, Hunter X Hunter is more difficult to pin down. The series begins with Gon setting out to take the “Hunter” exam to join an elite organization, following in his father’s footsteps. He then continues with Gon and his friends training in martial arts, getting involved in mafia conflicts, chasing Gon’s missing father via a rare video game cartridge, and then running into evolved man-eating bugs. While the series may feel lighthearted and aimed at younger audiences in one arc, the next could veer into much darker territory. More Hunter X Hunter the games chose a specific arc to focus on, which makes sense, given that it often feels like several different series in one, rather than one cohesive story, in terms of tone and subject matter.

Hunter X Hunter’s Popularity Didn’t Match Anime Games Released In The US

Why Hunter X Hunter Still Hasn't Released Anime Games Outside Japan - Hunter X Hunter Manga And 1999 Anime

The material also explains the absence of Hunter X Hunter games, with at least three adaptations appearing on Wonderswan consoles, a portable game system that was never released outside of Japan. Right now, it seems like there are more chances for new Shonen hits like Jujutsu Kaisen will see a video game release in the United States before Hunter X Hunter has localized play. Anime-based games being domesticated became more common after the PlayStation 2 era, but the latest home console Hunter X Hunter The game was released on the original PlayStation, when those ports were rarer. After a series of games for portable consoles like the Nintendo DS and the PSP, the most recent Hunter X Hunter the games are all released for mobile devices.

Some fans of the Hunter X Hunter the manga traces the shortcomings of the production, and it’s been about four years since the last chapter came out. The 2011 anime adaptation ended with a sense of closure, but that was far from the end of the story. While series like naruto have become ubiquitous enough in the West to cause a crossover between naruto and fortnite, Hunter X Hunter Games are unlikely to be localized unless the series regains momentum. More manga chapters could inspire the continuation of the most recent anime series, which in turn could raise awareness for Hunter X Hunter this is enough to justify a localized game, assuming a new game is made for current hardware. Hunter X Hunter is one of the few cases where even video game fan translations haven’t picked up the slack, meaning English-speaking audiences will likely have to do without a Hunter X Hunter game for the foreseeable future.

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