Why The Anime Series Should End With A Movie To Satisfy Fans


With just three more episodes, the hit anime TV show The attack of the Titans ends its final season. Because the series still has so many loose ends to iron out, it barely feels like the finale is approaching.

As many fans know, the The attack of the Titans the source material is not finished yet, there is still one chapter of the manga left before the series truly ends.

Fans wondered if the 16 episodes of Season 4 would fulfill what the script says. But there is little hope left for a repeat of Season 1 where the show was split into two parts.

So what can be done to resolve this storytelling dilemma?

There’s no perfect answer, but one idea is for the animated series to go the movie route. It worked with demon slayer and Taken away as if by magicso why not? The attack of the Titans is quite popular.

While it might be a little disappointing that the series finale ended in a cliffhanger, there are several benefits to wrapping up this fan-favorite thrill ride with a movie.

‘Attack on Titan’ Season 4 Key Art | Courtesy of Crunchyroll

‘Attack on Titan’ animation could be replaced by a movie

Since the new season of The attack of the Titans began, some fans were quite critical of the show’s new artistic approach. Production for season 4 moved to a new animation studio, and there were complaints and concerns about the show’s CG quality.

It is understood that the scale of AOT requires huge resources to create a quality series. There are a number of fans who are happy and quite satisfied with MAPPA’s work. But with a movie, more time can be spent developing the animation and possibly avoiding backlash from those who didn’t like the style.

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A plot based on a manga can be hashed

For a series as well written as The attack of the Titans, it would be discouraging if the end was rushed. Again, time is a gift.

A movie-size runtime would help alleviate most of the problems that naturally arise from having to cut content to fit a certain number of episodes.

With cult classics like Akira and evangelization Already breaking the mould, it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that this series could somehow manage to tell its story effectively, even if it has to change the source material.

Potential blockbuster status

From a commercial point of view, it is proven that a potential The attack of the Titans the film would do well internationally and domestically.

Fans would definitely come to see this manga unfold on the big screen, and demon slayer is a prime example of a successful theatrical run. Even in the midst of a pandemic, the film became a success and broke the record of Taken away as if by magic.

AOT could debut as a film adaptation of the entire manga series or as a continuation of where the anime leaves off. The wrong side? The only possible issue is the wait time required for fans living outside of Japan, as Japanese films are generally not released the same day internationally.

Stay tuned for the latest episodes of The attack of the Titans Season 4.

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